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November 26, 2012 · 9:03 pm

For the Love of Flannel

I ask you to know you are in the bigger picture and on the most beautiful path.

Please, feel the awesome that is coming and be thankful now for the journey that has gotten you here, there, everywhere.

Be patient.  Be open.  Be honest.

With yourself.  Always with others.

And for the love of flannel, smile and laugh more, eat bacon and rock today!

The bigger picture.  The right path.

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Let the Cleansing Begin

3 day juice adventure.  Pre-Thanksgiving Feast.  Clean me out.  Go!  #greenjuice

Check out:  Juice Crafters

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Crush On: 13.1

My boyfriend and I rocked the Malibu 1/2 Marathon this past weekend on early Sunday morning.  As I had shared in an earlier post:

I complete the Malibu 1/2 Marathon in sub 2 hours.

I am so freaking stoked to share with you that my official finish time was:  1:59:16

Just by seconds and I’ll count it.

What I do know is that this goal was mind over matter.  There were gnarly hills I was definitely not prepared for.  Waking up at 4am to running at almost 8am makes it tricky to gauge the perfect outfit for such temperatures near the water.  The pre-race meal, I will not even tell you what I consumed the evening before the start line.  And, did I mention the hills?

Mind over matter.  At mile 7, the 2 hour pace racers buzzed past me on an uphill.  At mile 10, I realized I could still make it.  At mile 12, I passed the 2 hour pacers coming into the finish line!


When it comes to rocking your goals, you have to believe 100% in yourself, even if you seem to fall behind, say at mile 7.  Believe harder.  Feel it in the depths of your body and know it to be possible.  Keep going.  Seriously, keep going.  And crush on, my friends!  Crush on!



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Cheers to Traditions

I get impatient in early November.

I am so excited for holiday that is Thanksgiving at my parent’s house in Houston, I can barely contain myself.  My family is the real deal when it comes to traditions.  And, my family is the real deal when we are all together.  It is magic.

I sit here staring at the date in the bottom right hand of my computer, as if I am sitting in Los Angeles traffic at 5:15pm on the 10 freeway.  Willing it to move, move, move faster.

I shall share with you what excites me about the holiday of Turkey, Moustaches, and Thankful-ness:

+  Love.  I feel so much love.

+  My sisters.  There is nothing in the World that compares to the moments shared with my sisters.  Nothing.

+  When I walk through the door to my Houston home, I feel a sigh of relief come straight from my Mom’s heart to my own.  There is something about a child living far away that makes the holidays so special to her.  It is like her puzzle is finished in that moment.  I feel that.

+ And then my Dad, the life of the party at any hour.  To this day, he still makes me laugh more than any human … well, ever.  And you know what they say, laughter is the best medicine.  Always.

+ My sweet and utmost patient boyfriend in the chaos that is my loud and louder family.  He is finding his way and it steals my big heart every time.

+ My best friend of an inducted brother, Chris New joining in like he has been there forever.  He does what he wants, when he wants.  And, he makes the Paula Deen special Mac n’ Cheese.  Oh, my brother.

+ Oh, and my Dad’s best friend from his high school days in good ol’ Indiana, Mark “Ruby” Robertson comes over with a deep fry kit and a full fireman outfit.  He is jet set to deep fry the turkey!  Yes, it is true and a sight to see.

+ The Movember moustache that is my Dad, Mark “Ruby” Robertson, boyfriend and brother’s upper lip (and my left index finger) is in full effect.

+ A tradtion to sake bomb the night after Thanksgiving Dinner.  Who has room for sushi and sake?  We do.  Ready everyone:  “When I say Sake, you say Bomb, SAKE….BOMB….SAKE…BOMB!”  WARNING:  A pre-apology to anyone and everyone at the restaurant we attend this year.  Happening, Houstonians.  Waiter, waiter, can you get the bill?  No, not for us, for everyone else?  Thanks.

+  The feast.  Grateful.  Period.

+  There have been rumors of a keg being ordered for this year as a new tradition.  NOTE:  Coors Light, you are welcome, Dad.  Never going to grow up at this Thanksgiving.  I see Keg stands in our near future.  How old are we?  #glorydays

+  And that moment when we are all sitting down at dinner.  My Mom calls for someone to say Grace.  We all hold hands around the table, give thanks and feel love.

My heart beats for the holidays.  Bring it on, Thanksgiving!

Rock your traditions for any holiday and if you can, add a SAKE BOMB in there!


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Go Happen

I am reading a new book, Shake the World by James Marshall Reilly.

I feel absolutely compelled to share this page with you:

Read it again.  And again.

Go happen to things and live so big!  Go!


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Life Mode: Comparison


NOTE:  This very well might be written in permanent ink on my body one day.

To be real with you, I catch myself playing the comparison game more than I would like.  And I realize in this life mode of comparison, I can seemingly drift into a constrained sense of self.  There is an ignorance that literally blocks my own personality, my art, my ultimate creativity, my joy.  I feel stress, judgement, fear, self doubt, a little rage and I get aggressive.  Who is that?

You ever go there?

In these moments, I literally feel that I press the pause button on one epic soundtrack when I start comparing myself to another person.  You know at a wedding or at the end of the most awesome nights and the music stops and the lights come on and we are like, “‘No, play one more, please.  I’m not done yet!’.  Well, that is exactly what happens when you compare.  Music stops, party over and your life is like, wait, ‘I am so not done yet, turn that beat back on!’.

I have to remind myself to channel Teddy Roosevelt and realize that I am the thief of my own joy.  I have to feel it, own it, make a choice and stop, stop, stop comparing.  Recognize where I am now and know that I will get to where I want to go, once I can hear the music again.

Your turn.  Release the pause button.  Recognize where you are and know that you will get to where you want to go.

Press play.

Rock your life.  Your way.  Your time.  Your Joy.

All you.


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