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Listen. Listen Harder.

The lighting was low, the space was crowded and the atmosphere was a bit posh.

We were seated amongst the conversations, outdoors on the patio near a fire pit with a single lit candle on the wooden table.

My heart beats for this man I am with and it was his birthday.  As we leaned in to share iPhone light to read the menu, I felt the room slowly melt away.

His half smile and thus crooked moustache stared back at me in the dark.  In that moment, it was just me and  him.  Him and me.  Just us.

We talked for hours.  He shared about his favorite parts of the year, we talked about our communication breakdowns and most amazing breakthroughs, and painted our clear and radical future.  We talked about everything and then we talked about nothing.  I cried silently inside with the utmost gratitude for this life, for this man and for this moment.   Reality check, was it my birthday?

While smiling now and remembering the moments by the fire pit, I realized how beautifully and intently I was listening.  Hanging on to every word he spoke, we spoke.  Listening so hard.

And it was and is a beautiful irony that we connected on such an intimate level in such the public space that would seemingly not allow it.

Just him and me.  Me and him.

I say, let the rooms melt.  Listen.  Listen so much harder.


Note to Self




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Misconstrued Moment of Me, Me, Me

A story about self-indulgence and not being present.

I flew home back to LA last night from holidays in Houston with my family.  My plane was slightly delayed and I had checked baggage, which I will tell you over and over again, never check bags to LAX.  It takes forever.

Anyways, I finally arrive home last night to my sweet and quaint apartment in Venice with my dog and boyfriend waiting for me at the front door.  They help this weary holiday traveler with luggage, much needed hugs and a momentary shared happiness to be home.

And then I spiraled.  I came in pretty charged from a long flight, conversations rambling in my head about some drama and a need to complain.   Oh, and complain I did for about an hour too long to my patient and sleepy boyfriend.

In waking up this morning, I am in utter awe and really sad as to what I missed last night amidst my bullsh*t complaining and lame vent session. 

It goes like this:

+  I missed out on how clean the house was when I walked in.  Eat-food-off-the-floor clean.

+ I missed out on the smell of a clean puppy, as my boyfriend had given him a bath earlier that day.

+ I missed out on the empty laundry basket and the fresh sheets I got to climb into.  Even worse, Chris had waited to pull back the sheets so we could climb into the Mountain Fresh fabric softener smell together.  Dear boyfriends of the World, are you taking notes?

+ I missed out on a full fridge stocked with delicious snacks for my work day the next day.  Sweetheart, thank you for the bacon.  I love you.

+ I missed out on showering my boyfriend with kisses and love, as I really had missed him for the 2 days we were apart.

+  I missed out on seriously praising and honestly thanking and appreciating this superman of a boyfriend for bathing the dog, cleaning the house, grocery shopping and finishing the laundry.  All of this for my arrival home.  Come on, self.

You see where I am going here?  I missed out on an epic life moment because I was too busy complaining about yesterday’s nothings.

Raise your hand if this feels somewhat oddly familiar?

How many times have we been so wrapped up in a petty yesterday’s nothing to miss what is happening right here and now?

We have choice.  We have the choice to get over it and see others.  See others beyond our own misconstrued moments of me, me, me.

Choose wisely, my friends.  Never too late to say thank you, I love you, I see you.

I’m talking to you, Mister.

Thankful for You.



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For the Love of Flannel

I ask you to know you are in the bigger picture and on the most beautiful path.

Please, feel the awesome that is coming and be thankful now for the journey that has gotten you here, there, everywhere.

Be patient.  Be open.  Be honest.

With yourself.  Always with others.

And for the love of flannel, smile and laugh more, eat bacon and rock today!

The bigger picture.  The right path.

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Shelf Life

Remember disposable cameras?  Oh how I loved the surprises when you actually took them to print at the drugstore!

Yesterday, I kicked it old school and printed off pictures from my iPhone.  They have options:  an app that you can transfer pics directly to the kiosk, directly print from Facebook, or plug in the iPhone directly.  Rock the choice.  A total of 40 photos cost me 10 dollars, what a deal!  Mind you, the print shop does not like instagram filters.  Noted.

I got home and replaced most of my old photos with updated pictures.  Some of my frames had pictures from over 6 years ago; my friends and I don’t even look like that anymore!

And, it reminded me to decorate my life with the people I love.  Have visuals that make you smile and be grateful.

Post pics in real life, not just on Facebook.

Give your shelf some life with moments that bring you more joy!



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Believe Harder

I woke up this morning in Maui.

I wish you were here.

Yes, you.

The sweet smell of salt air and the sound of crashing waves sneak in the open windows.  I am surrounded by a Canadian tribe of radical people up to really big, amazing lives rocking human impact.  And, I have a bit of a hangover due to over-celebration of an uber athlete of a friend crushing her goals and rocking the Ironman World Championship in Kona.

It is a beautiful life.

And, I have a hard time believing this is my life, that I deserve this, that I am really here.

Believe harder, I tell myself.

Believe harder and own these moments of absolute gratitude, love and joy to be alive.  So alive.

Believe harder so you can stop asking if it is really real and actually be in the present moment.

Believe harder and know that you attract and you choose this life.  Own it.  Be it. Rock it.


I so wish you were here.


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Real Friends

And tonite, I laughed.

Smiled.  A lot.

Absolutely and truly enjoyed every minute of a quality friendship.


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Don’t Make Me Tell You Twice

When my Mother used to say, “Don’t make me tell you twice, (first name, middle name, last name)!”, I always listened.

It comes with a tone and a threat and a force all at one time.  And my sisters and I would straighten up, get real and get right.

I have been walking around, biking and scooter-ing around my neighborhood, and I notice a lot of plastic bag decoration in the trees, cigarette butts thrown from car windows (really, who smokes anymore?), and all out trash thrown in the middle of the sidewalk!  I ponder our dear Mother Earth, and I feel that she has told us twice, if not thrice, to clean it up.  Are we listening?  As I feared the wrath of my Mother’s threat as a child (and even still now), I am in sheer awe combined with utter fear at the patience exemplified by the Mother that is Mother Earth.

So to you, (first name) (middle name) (last name), listen up!  Pick up your trash.  Reuse, Recycle, Respect.  And get real and get right.

If you live on the West Coast, join me with Whole Foods Market, Heal the Bay, and yogi love, Kyra Anastasia tomorrow on the sand for some yoga + beach clean up to rock local action, global change!

Not in my hood, no prob.  Rock your flow and see trash, pick it up!

And, don’t make me tell you twice.

NOTE:  If this could only count for my 8 hours of community service I owe the state of California for a litter ticket?  But that, my friends, is another blog post about one expensive orange peel.  #biodegradable


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