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Moved in Moments

I recently have been getting into the ESPN 30 for 30 series.  I just watched ‘Into the Wind’ by Steve Nash and Ezra Holland.  I literally was sobbing through the epic human experience that is Terry Fox’s journey as an amputee from bone cancer running across the entire country that is Canada to raise awareness and money for Cancer Research.  Please watch it.  Tonight.

Also, as you may know, my Dad lands down tomorrow to rock Vancouver with me and run the Seawheeze 1/2 Marathon on Saturday.  I am absolutely overwhelmed with excitement and gratitude.

So this morning, I went for an early run on the Seawall in Vancouver.  It was the perfect running weather with mild temperatures, overcast skies and the Pacific Ocean by my side.  I rocked out to my playlist titled “Running Shoes On” and felt strong this early AM as a non-morning person.

Along the way, I felt sudden rushes of energy through my body that actually caught my breath patterns.  Choked up, almost.  My heart pulled a bit and I felt a welling in my tear ducts.  In those moments, I realized I was so overcome at the thought of running with my Dad and crossing a race finish line with my Dad, I would almost start to cry.  And then, all of a sudden, being in Canada just sparked the documentary I had watched last week with Terry Fox and I wanted to cry for him, too.  I wanted to run for him, too.

Just rushes of insane and intense emotions that actually made my run so fast.

Made my run so enjoyable.

Made my run so fulfilling.

And I recognize now that this is possible in life.  When we are moved and inspired by other’s actions, we can feel it in our own body.  We are moved both physically and emotionally.  We feel joy and fulfillment, if we choose to truly see others.

I want to live life like this everyday.

Inspired by others.

Moved in moments.

Morning Runner’s View





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The Energy of Goals

Today, I spent the morning cheering, dancing and high-fiving strangers to keep running!  Just a normal Sunday…

Inspiration Station

With a company I love and with people I love.  Just a normal work day…

Cheer Signs

 And, I am so inspired. 

Inspired by the radical force of energy that you feel around someone with a goal.

Then multiply that by the 30,000+ runners living their goal of 26.2 rushing past you.  #energeticvibration

What a beautiful day to stand, dance, cheer and high-five someone, anyone to achieve a goal. 

Way to go, LA Marathon finishers.  I am so proud of you – so inspired by you.  Thank you for sharing your energy with me today!

I say, surround yourself with people with goals.  Then, stand next to them with your hot pink cheer signs and your dance moves and feel the energetic vibration in the space – for them and how it reflects back into you. 

It is really a win/win.


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Adventure: Rock n Roll Half Marathon

I ran the Los Angeles Rock n Roll Half Marathon October 30 and I wanted to share the amazing things that happened when my legs rocked that pavement:

1)  On this particular morning at this particular race, I was so in my body.  I could feel every muscle working together, I could truly feel my arms supporting my legs and legs in motion with the arms.  My breathe was a radical rhythm that kept exhaling and inhaling, “Keep Calm and Carry On”.   And I was running….

2) On this particular morning at this particular race, I ran alone.  I trucked that 13.1 miles with me, myself and I and it was magic.  Almost as if I was in a seated yoga meditation – yet running.  I was cheering myself on, I was responsible for making sure each mile was at or around that 9 minute marker.  I crossed that finish line.  And I got to be really proud of myself.  Beautiful.

3)  On this particular morning at this particular race right around mile 8, I needed a mental boost.  The GU that I chugged down in Pomegranate Berry flavor only took me so far physically.  And in this amazing moment, I started to hear all my friends cheering for me.  My boyfriend smiling and telling me “Keep runnin’ babe, almost there”…and then Alex would be jumping on the sideline, “You got this friend, keep going”, and there was my new manager, Steph yelling “So rad, Carrbags!”.  And then there were friends that came out of the woodwork to cheer me on (mentally still, yes), my old co-workers JC Mills yelling “go, Carr, go” and sarcastic Kevin in his hot pink hat yelling “is that how fast you can go?”…and my friend David O’Hagan doing this laugh thing he does and very baseball coach-like saying, “Keep it up, keep up the pace”.  It was so surreal – there were many more.  But their voices literally came into my mental space and carried me on!  Weird?  Or just awesome!

4)  On this particular morning at this particular race, I was a RUNNER. 

5)  On this particular morning at this particular race, a goal was acheived.  There is something about the acheivement of crossing a goal off the list.  It is almost like finishing a book – the last page turn is the best feeling, like crossing that finish line.

Go run!  Let your legs rock the pavement and feel your body, feel the love, your accomplishments, your friends, and who you are. 

Rock your goals + Rock your life!

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