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Simple Truths


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Freedom + Relationship

Freedom + Relationship.

The words used to look awkward next to one another.

In the past, I believe I misunderstood relationships, okay – I know I did.  I declared them to be an ultimate compromise. I said to myself, “relationships steal your true identity”. Or, “relationships put you in a box and you can’t make your own decisions, much less create your own life”. The old saying, “the old ball and chain”. These gnarly thought patterns at that time, were my truth.

Yet, I realized this morning, in a snap shot of life, as Chris kissed me good-bye and  he turned right down the street on his bike to go coach CrossFit and I turned left on my scooter to go flow on my yoga mat, that we are free.

And I realized, I have never felt such freedom in a relationship, ever.  Maybe in my entire life?  A truth re-created.

I wanted to share with you that it is the most overwhelming and beautiful feeling I have ever felt.  Being loved and respected by someone in a way that embraces your true self, your love of independence, your quirks, ticks and passions.  And even your emotional breakdowns, your stinky feet when you wear purple Vans without socks and your classic romantic comedy movie choices on Netflix over their documentary about World War II.   Even then, still loves you because that is you.

And in this fill-up-my-heart-space-until-tears-spill-from-my-eyes-while-writing-this-blog-post relationship, I am free, free as I’ll ever be.  And it feels so right.  It is so right to feel this way.

Be you in love.  Be free in love.


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Project Inspiration: Jacke “Dad” Carr

As I dig deep and look into who I really am, I look into who I invest my time with and how they have moved me in what I have called Project Inspiration.

I wanted to take this time to tell you how my father, Jacke Carr has inspired me and been a part of my life evolution, from the very beginning. You probably have one of these:  the do-anything-for-you-coach-all-your-little-league-teams-loudest-dude-in-the-crowd-fun-loving father.  Let’s compare notes…

Dear Dad,

You are the beginning.  There from the first breath, to the first step, at the first softball game, to the first car wreck, from college good bye to the roadtrip to California.  You’re my guy, Dad.

What I want to let you know is that who you are has and continues to shape who I am everyday.

You say ‘I love you’ every single time we hang up the phone.  Every time.  And knowing I am truly loved and cherished by my father is a gift no one else can give to a child.  Knowing you are loved unconditionally instills confidence, enables possibility, and empowers choice.  Thank you, Dad.  I commit to one day make my children feel the exact same way.

Softball, basketball, all the sports –  you are my head coach.  You taught me the skills, you taught me teamwork, and you taught me how to be a leader.  Thank you for being my coach on and off the playing field.  Who you are as a leader inspires me, drives me and keeps me seeking for greatness in myself and those around me.

Oh, how I hate to disagree with you.  You are such a passionate person which colors you such a vibrant human being.  That stubborn spark inspires me to be passionate in all areas of my life and fight the good fight.

You and Mom’s relationship is one for the books.  You are there for her, you love her endlessly, and you are her ultimate adventure.  I am inspired by you in that space, and I hope Chris and I will continue to celebrate life  just as you and Mom rock out your relationship.

Always up for an adventure, you are never one to sit on the sidelines of life.  Thank you for making sure I never take life too serious, that I am always up for a good time and for letting me get in trouble.  You are the life of the party.  Always.

I cannot imagine being a Dad to three girls ranging in ages of 27 to 13, but somehow you keep your cool.  I know you inspire A LOT of people out there with this one.  But for me, your ability to relate in the midst of tears, how you tolerate all the drama that is sisters, and maintain your dude-like and oh-so-macho dad-like character is the ultimate.   When given a life full of ladies that you might not have expected, you sure have done a great job raising radical kids.  Keep up the good work.

And last but not least, your laugh.  When I look back at those life moments that really move you, my favorite memories are filled with you and in the front seats of a mini van doing SNL impressions, pretending to eat the moon made out of cheese, and all of a sudden we are both laughing until the tears flow behind our glasses.  That whole-hearted laughter that moves you, shakes you to the present moment.  That ability to be present, laugh until you cry with your daughter and enjoy life reminds me that life is actually about the moments shared.  Slow down and laugh until you cry.

Thank you for giving me life. Thank you for loving me, Dad.  Thank you for inspiring me everyday to be confident in my choices, a leader in my own life, to take in the moments, expect the unexpected and be awesome.

As you continue to rock in this life, keep being who you are. And I promise that I will do the same.

Your Inspired daughter,

Jacki Carr

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Adventure: A Couple that Sweats Together, Stays Together!

So this past weekend, Chris and I embarked on our adventure!  We cycled from Mundelein, IL to Chicago, IL on Sunday morning!  Google maps declared it a little under 40 miles and an estimated arrival time within 3 hours and 20 minutes.

Sounds like fun!

We start our journey a little before 11am after a hearty breakfast.  We were super excited and the MOST friendly riders on the trail.  I do think we said ‘good morning’, ‘hello’, ‘hi there’  and ‘afternoon’ to half of Greater Chicago!  This was of course in the first 3 hours of the ride. 

For some odd reason, it took Chris and I close to 6 hours to finish our trek.  Mind you, we were leisurely riding at a nice Sunday pace and did stop for a couple granola bars, an amazing cookie from Bob’s Market, a push pop and water! 

When we got back home, we were exhausted.  Butts were killing us.  Maybe a couple knee twitches and a thirst for a nice cold beer that I have never known!  It was amazing though, we made it…together!

Because….the couple that sweats together, stays together!  😉

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