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For the Love of Flannel

I ask you to know you are in the bigger picture and on the most beautiful path.

Please, feel the awesome that is coming and be thankful now for the journey that has gotten you here, there, everywhere.

Be patient.  Be open.  Be honest.

With yourself.  Always with others.

And for the love of flannel, smile and laugh more, eat bacon and rock today!

The bigger picture.  The right path.


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Cheers to Traditions

I get impatient in early November.

I am so excited for holiday that is Thanksgiving at my parent’s house in Houston, I can barely contain myself.  My family is the real deal when it comes to traditions.  And, my family is the real deal when we are all together.  It is magic.

I sit here staring at the date in the bottom right hand of my computer, as if I am sitting in Los Angeles traffic at 5:15pm on the 10 freeway.  Willing it to move, move, move faster.

I shall share with you what excites me about the holiday of Turkey, Moustaches, and Thankful-ness:

+  Love.  I feel so much love.

+  My sisters.  There is nothing in the World that compares to the moments shared with my sisters.  Nothing.

+  When I walk through the door to my Houston home, I feel a sigh of relief come straight from my Mom’s heart to my own.  There is something about a child living far away that makes the holidays so special to her.  It is like her puzzle is finished in that moment.  I feel that.

+ And then my Dad, the life of the party at any hour.  To this day, he still makes me laugh more than any human … well, ever.  And you know what they say, laughter is the best medicine.  Always.

+ My sweet and utmost patient boyfriend in the chaos that is my loud and louder family.  He is finding his way and it steals my big heart every time.

+ My best friend of an inducted brother, Chris New joining in like he has been there forever.  He does what he wants, when he wants.  And, he makes the Paula Deen special Mac n’ Cheese.  Oh, my brother.

+ Oh, and my Dad’s best friend from his high school days in good ol’ Indiana, Mark “Ruby” Robertson comes over with a deep fry kit and a full fireman outfit.  He is jet set to deep fry the turkey!  Yes, it is true and a sight to see.

+ The Movember moustache that is my Dad, Mark “Ruby” Robertson, boyfriend and brother’s upper lip (and my left index finger) is in full effect.

+ A tradtion to sake bomb the night after Thanksgiving Dinner.  Who has room for sushi and sake?  We do.  Ready everyone:  “When I say Sake, you say Bomb, SAKE….BOMB….SAKE…BOMB!”  WARNING:  A pre-apology to anyone and everyone at the restaurant we attend this year.  Happening, Houstonians.  Waiter, waiter, can you get the bill?  No, not for us, for everyone else?  Thanks.

+  The feast.  Grateful.  Period.

+  There have been rumors of a keg being ordered for this year as a new tradition.  NOTE:  Coors Light, you are welcome, Dad.  Never going to grow up at this Thanksgiving.  I see Keg stands in our near future.  How old are we?  #glorydays

+  And that moment when we are all sitting down at dinner.  My Mom calls for someone to say Grace.  We all hold hands around the table, give thanks and feel love.

My heart beats for the holidays.  Bring it on, Thanksgiving!

Rock your traditions for any holiday and if you can, add a SAKE BOMB in there!


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Make It Happen. Move it Up!

Do you know that feeling, that feeling when you literally feel the goal in your body?  My first trip to Estes Park, CO 3 years ago felt like this.

How about when a goal moves you?  Tears, smiling, joyous joy, and oh so thankful. My second trip to Estes Park, CO last year, felt like this.

How about when you become the goal?  100% you are it!  Physically, mentally and emotionally.  Mind+Body+Spirit.  Boom.  This past weekend, I again made the trek to Estes Park, CO.  And this time, it was beyond real.  My mountain man of a bearded boyfriend came with me, puff vest and all.  I rocked my life goals, puff vest and all, surrounded by the Rocky Mountains, yoga-ing, connecting and goal coaching at the Yoga Journal Conference with lululemon#joblove   Chris explored Denver, Boulder and Estes Park for future adventures, future neighborhoods, and future friends. 






So right on.

And then, just like that, the goal moved.  Whereas in years past, the goal has always moved me.  This year, we moved the goal.  It moved up!  Chris and I + Bear will be Colorado residents by November, 2013.

Ask yourself, ‘What is holding me (us) back?’.

Get real.

Feel a Goal.


Right now.



Make it Happen.

Create YOUR life.  Now.

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Goals Alive

Rocking out in Estes Park, CO at #YJCO.
My goals ALIVE while goal coaching.
Man, I am alive in these Rocky Mtns!
Live the dream, right now.
Be a human impact.



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Surround Yourself with People Who…

with people who inspire you.

with people who challenge the sh*t out of you.

with people who radically love you.

with people who create space in your life.

with people who make you smile, laugh, feel really good.

with people who support you.

with people who are honest.  Always honest.


And then, you be that person for them.

This one, I am for real.  #choice


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Dear Self, Just For Tonite

Dear Self,

Just for tonite, don’t turn on the computer.

Just for tonite, don’t waste minutes, turned into hours on a social network that is not your life.

Just for tonite, celebrate you.  Love you.  Be you.

Just for tonite, turn off the TV.  Silence the iPhone.

Go to the corner store, buy a cider beer and toast to nothing and toast to everything.

Because this is it.  This is your life.

Celebrate.  Create.  Vibrate.  Eminate.


Just for tonite, don’t waste minutes, turned into hours on a social network that is not your life.

Get off line.  To get above the line.  And be you.


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The Grand Compromise

I totally get the asset of a radical resume.  I read them daily.  I do.

And, I totally understand specific skill sets for specific roles.  Experience required on the Job description – noted.

And, I see the opportunities in life that will elevate the game on your resume.  That will look good to the reader and recruiter.  You know what I am talking about:  the college degree, the community service, the internship, the similar field of work experience.

My question is:  did you compromise your experience for paper?

Are you deep in your work for the life experience?

Is there gap in your resume, as you took an epic year off to travel the World and be a learner of life?

What about that detour; when you chose passion in a job over an internship to add a statement on paper?

What have you created that turns you on?

I want to meet you, life experiencers.

I want to hear from you, passion people.  (email:  yourlifeadventures(at)gmail(dot)com)

And, I want to learn from you and be inspired by you.

Because, you are the ones that are going to inspire me to be exactly where, who, how I need to be.

Just by being who you are.

I say, live your life.

Not the life that will look good on paper.


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