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I Love Trees: The Oak

As a child, I grew up under a large Oak Tree in Texas.  The branches stretched far and wide to provide shade not only in my front yard, but out onto my neighborhood block, as well.  It was a strong foundation for a swing and the while annoying to see ‘rake leaves’ on chore list from the Mother force, it was quite a sight to see every Fall.

I remember my sidewalk being covered in these little acorns all the time that fell from the tree.  They were a bear to walk over barefoot and left stains on the concrete.  What I do not think I knew then that I realize now, is those same acorns holds the seeds to the magnificent Oak Tree.  This grand-daddy of a tree staring back at me with roots that crack a sidewalk, branches that reach clear across the street and up in the sky, and a trunk that takes 4 Christmas lights strands alone, came from one tiny acorn.


As time seems to fly by,  I realize I am in such a rush to be one huge, large Oak Tree now, now, now!   And yet, I am reminded by good ol’ Ralph Waldo Emerson, “the creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn”.

How beautiful that the trees know possibility and patience like this.

Oh, how much we can learn from the trees….




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I Love Trees: the Palm Trees

I find Palm Trees to be so exotic and tropical.

Tall and lean with a burst of bloom.  Strong and flexible.  Also, resilient and open to change.

In this life chapter, I step into a Southern California postcard every single day and I stand in wonder of the Palm Trees. With such a lean and skinny trunk, how do they grow so tall?   How do they balance all the way up there?  How does a gust of wind not snap them clear over?

And I learn that these trees are actually quite nimble and bend-y with the wind.  They do not fight against the forces of nature.  They sway, lean with it, and rock with it, until it passes.  Hurricanes, no problem.  Do they stand perfectly straight after a wind storm, no.  But that ability to root down, straighten out and grow again is the true beauty of the Palm Tree.

How beautiful that the trees know how to respond, adapt and be flexible in times of change or transition.  And then choose to grow straight up again.

Oh, how much we can learn from the trees….

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I Love Trees: the Sequoia Trees

I believe Sequoia Trees to be my favorite of all the trees.

Full of wisdom.  Purpose.  So resilient.  Strong.  Old and powerful.

I was once on an adventure in the Giant Forest that is Sequoia National Park in Northern California.  I remember standing in utter awe underneath these giant trees that reach into the sky as if to almost touch the sun, with the most gnarly roots dug deep into the Earth’s soil.  There are some you can drive through, others that have lived over 1,000 years withstanding fire, rain and nature’s powerful forces and some fallen.

These are epic trees.

I overheard a tour guide nearby me on that trip sharing about these giant Sequoias.  He said the trees that grow near one another are the strongest, their roots intertwine, they can lean on one another for support and grow taller and taller and taller, together.

And, I thought to myself, how beautiful that the trees know support, foundation and love like that.

Oh, how much we can learn from the trees….


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