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Moved in Moments

I recently have been getting into the ESPN 30 for 30 series.  I just watched ‘Into the Wind’ by Steve Nash and Ezra Holland.  I literally was sobbing through the epic human experience that is Terry Fox’s journey as an amputee from bone cancer running across the entire country that is Canada to raise awareness and money for Cancer Research.  Please watch it.  Tonight.

Also, as you may know, my Dad lands down tomorrow to rock Vancouver with me and run the Seawheeze 1/2 Marathon on Saturday.  I am absolutely overwhelmed with excitement and gratitude.

So this morning, I went for an early run on the Seawall in Vancouver.  It was the perfect running weather with mild temperatures, overcast skies and the Pacific Ocean by my side.  I rocked out to my playlist titled “Running Shoes On” and felt strong this early AM as a non-morning person.

Along the way, I felt sudden rushes of energy through my body that actually caught my breath patterns.  Choked up, almost.  My heart pulled a bit and I felt a welling in my tear ducts.  In those moments, I realized I was so overcome at the thought of running with my Dad and crossing a race finish line with my Dad, I would almost start to cry.  And then, all of a sudden, being in Canada just sparked the documentary I had watched last week with Terry Fox and I wanted to cry for him, too.  I wanted to run for him, too.

Just rushes of insane and intense emotions that actually made my run so fast.

Made my run so enjoyable.

Made my run so fulfilling.

And I recognize now that this is possible in life.  When we are moved and inspired by other’s actions, we can feel it in our own body.  We are moved both physically and emotionally.  We feel joy and fulfillment, if we choose to truly see others.

I want to live life like this everyday.

Inspired by others.

Moved in moments.

Morning Runner’s View





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The Energy of Goals

Today, I spent the morning cheering, dancing and high-fiving strangers to keep running!  Just a normal Sunday…

Inspiration Station

With a company I love and with people I love.  Just a normal work day…

Cheer Signs

 And, I am so inspired. 

Inspired by the radical force of energy that you feel around someone with a goal.

Then multiply that by the 30,000+ runners living their goal of 26.2 rushing past you.  #energeticvibration

What a beautiful day to stand, dance, cheer and high-five someone, anyone to achieve a goal. 

Way to go, LA Marathon finishers.  I am so proud of you – so inspired by you.  Thank you for sharing your energy with me today!

I say, surround yourself with people with goals.  Then, stand next to them with your hot pink cheer signs and your dance moves and feel the energetic vibration in the space – for them and how it reflects back into you. 

It is really a win/win.


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Project Inspiration: Chris New

As I dig deep and look into who I really am, I look into who I invest my time with and how they have moved me in what I have called Project Inspiration.

I wanted to take this time to tell you how my best friend, Chris New has inspired me and been a part of my life evolution. He is that there-for-you-any-time-every-time-Midwest-hearted-turned-California-dude-slash-uber-hipster-on-a-beachcruiser-with-a-prius-great-taste-in-music-loves-me-full-heartedly-stands-for-me type of best friend.

Dear Chris New,

We met.

In a Bar.



Story of our college life. Really, story of our friendship life. I strut into Kilroys during those IU college summers when you really think you ‘own’ the town. I saw you just yelling so loud, smiling so big, happy and free. I said to myself, “I want to be best friends with that guy, right now”. And so it was. And be it with my family, just the two of us, with our friends in Vegas or on the sand, we have been partying ever since.

What I wanted to let you know is that who you are has and continues to shape who I am every day.

Chris New. You are a radical best friend, and by radical I mean the true definition of the word. Extreme, to the limit and extraordinary. I remember when you made me promise to wear jeans twice a week to go out and have fun with you. I tell that story all the time. As my best friend, you pulled me out of a funk and brought me back to reality.  In a language that made sense. “Jacki, no more legging and yoga clothes – put on jeans!” I am forever inspired by your ability to speak to people you care for in a way they understand. Thank you for speaking my language and bringing me back.

You are a live-it-all-right-now human being. There is an 80’s song that is my definition of you, “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” by Tears for Fears; it opens with, “welcome to your life, there’s no turning back….”. I mean, do you play this song every morning? Because you took that welcome mat and RAN with it. I am inspired by you, your life choices and your ultimate enjoyment of who you are. It is a constant reminder to live my life now, because there is no turning back or do overs.

You are a part of my family, Chris New. Period.

I really love that you go to concerts and movies solo. I think it is so cool that you don’t miss a favorite band or rad concert because everyone is busy – you buy the ticket and treat yourself. It inspires me to not wait on anyone else to plan something, just go and be happy.

And on that note, Chris, you are just freaking cool.  You are.  Cool music, cool dive bars, great foodie foods, flannel…you are who you are.  You do not try to be anyone else, or look good with ego or do things that don’t feel right.  You are self aware and so true to your values.  It is very beautiful.   I am inspired every single day to be me, as you have been such a great example in my life.

You are the life of a party, the true meaning of friendship, and someone I will always have a space for in my heart.  Thank you for loving me unconditionally, being on reality tv with me, getting P90seXy day after day, making me go out and be your best friend, for loving my family, sticking it out through the hard stuff, for being cool, and for loving Christmas as much as I do.  I am always inspired by you.

As you continue to rock in this life, keep being who you are. And I promise that I will do the same.


Jacki Carr


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Project Inspiration: Matt Hoglund

As I dig deep and look into who I really am, I look into who I invest my time with and how they have moved me in what I have called Project Inspiration.

I wanted to take this time to tell you how my best friend, Matt Hoglund has inspired me and been a part of my life evolution.  You probably have one of these:  the talk-for-hours-yoga-loving-possibility-seeking-share-your-goals-and-dreams-with-brutally-honest-and-well-dressed best friend.  Let’s compare notes. 


I remember that sunny day you walked through the glass double doors at lululemon athletica Santa Monica and thinking, “Hmph, how did this guy get the job I applied for?”.  Ego talking.  Recurring theme, I am aware.  From our shared yoga dates to work drama, our amazing coffee evenings or late night wine chats, match.com winks to cleaning out my closet and sharing possibilities, I am so happy you got the job and walked into my life that day.

What I wanted to let you know is that who you are, has and continues to shape who I am every day.

You, Matt, are possibility every day.  I envision when you wake up there is an inspirational book of quotes next to your bathroom sink to read while teeth brushing, you have a daily declaration on your mirror every morning,  and  you leave the house standing upright and walking with an air of “today is the day to be great”.   And I envision this because when I speak to you via phone, you ooze with greatness.  I am inspired by your mentality, your ability to believe in yourself and who you choose to be each day.  And, I believe in you.

Matt, you look good.  And I mean really good.  Your fashion sense is unreal and you have no qualms sharing what not to wear.  As I recall, you saved me from the insanity that was packing to move from LA to Chicago by shipping out 3 large black gallon garbage bags to goodwill.  It was not the sheer and utter honesty when you held up the pink and black polka dotted skirt that was size 2 and you looked at me like “that is never going to happen every again”; what it really was:  is who are you are.  We had a great time cleaning out my closet, we had a great time making fun of my fashion sense and you allowed space in my life.  Space that was not there before.  I am inspired by the space you allow people by being you.

Your decision to leave a job to create one that would fulfill all areas of your life is inspiring.  You choose possibility over fear and that in itself is a rare gift.   Go ahead, check him out:  www.matthoglund.com.  You’re not going to live a mediocre life and neither am I.  Knowing we are in it together keeps me excited – and calling you every other day for accountability.  Thanks for picking up the phone.

The ability to be open and patient definitely allows you a leg up.  A long leg up.  You thrive on feedback to be better, you listen listen listen then ask questions and you allow yourself and others time with no judgment.  I yearn to write ‘envious’ – however, that is not the correct word.  I am inspired by you as a great leader in my life.  I continuously work on patience and listening and you are such a guiding light.

Lastly, I will not leave out our one night of amazing dance moves at Circle Bar.  There it comes up again – that fearless movement, literally.  We showed that dance floor and Santa Monica community who was boss that night.  And to me, that sums up how you live your life.  Create it, show them who is boss and dance because you can.  So inspiring and I will continue to shake my groove thing with you.

Thank you Matty for going against the grain, having a different conversation and beautiful worldview, and for teaching me everyday to be a great human being.  The experiences I have from our friendship are ones that I am forever grateful.  I will continue to be a name that shows up on your caller id, and I look forward to every encounter; as every time I am in a different and greater space than I was before we connected. 

As you continue to rock in this life, keep being who you are. And I promise that I will do the same.


Jacki Carr

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