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Make It Happen. Move it Up!

Do you know that feeling, that feeling when you literally feel the goal in your body?  My first trip to Estes Park, CO 3 years ago felt like this.

How about when a goal moves you?  Tears, smiling, joyous joy, and oh so thankful. My second trip to Estes Park, CO last year, felt like this.

How about when you become the goal?  100% you are it!  Physically, mentally and emotionally.  Mind+Body+Spirit.  Boom.  This past weekend, I again made the trek to Estes Park, CO.  And this time, it was beyond real.  My mountain man of a bearded boyfriend came with me, puff vest and all.  I rocked my life goals, puff vest and all, surrounded by the Rocky Mountains, yoga-ing, connecting and goal coaching at the Yoga Journal Conference with lululemon#joblove   Chris explored Denver, Boulder and Estes Park for future adventures, future neighborhoods, and future friends. 






So right on.

And then, just like that, the goal moved.  Whereas in years past, the goal has always moved me.  This year, we moved the goal.  It moved up!  Chris and I + Bear will be Colorado residents by November, 2013.

Ask yourself, ‘What is holding me (us) back?’.

Get real.

Feel a Goal.


Right now.



Make it Happen.

Create YOUR life.  Now.

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Adventure: Feel a Goal

I live and breathe goals. I think ‘possibility‘ might be my favorite word of ALL time.

Now, in living in a space of possibility, I share my goals…daily. One goal of mine is: I move to Colorado by April 2014.

This past weekend, I spent my time in Denver, Estes Park and Boulder, Colorado. I took deep sweet breaths of that mountain air. I did yoga daily at the Yoga Journal Conference and yes, I even got feathers put into my hair and put peppermint oil in my water. I embraced that Colorado life.

What I wanted to share about this trip turned adventure was the goosebumps I felt each day. The smile that came across my face each morning when I looked out my lodge window and saw the mountainous mountains, the wildlife of elk all over the YMCA Estes Park campus, and the sunshine every day all day. I wanted to share my future with you and the amazing feeling I felt there knowing with all the confidence in the Universe that I will live there with my (future) husband, a family, and a dog and we will hike, ski, snow shoe, camp and all that is Colorado!!

Go feel a goal. Go do it right now. Breathe it in….breathe it in like that fresh mountain air. Smile and live in a space of possibility for your best life.

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