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Blogger’s NOTE:  I have no idea who to credit this to, but I had to share.  If you created this, I credit you and thank you.


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Adventure: Project Inspiration

I had a moment last night.  Or, it could be a culmination of moments in the past weeks in which I was really questioning, exploring and demanding answers of human possibility.  My own human possibility and who I want to be, who I am … for the World.

A Mumford & Sons song lyric played on repeat in my head:

“where you invest your love, you invest your life…”

So, I have decided to dive into the evolution of Jacki Carr and take a deeper look at where I have invested my life.

In doing so, the next adventures will be coined: Project Inspiration.

You’ll see….

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Adventure: Time Together

Some times you want adventures to be this big planned out hooplah! At least I do! Kayaking trip, or biking 40 miles or full day of festivals….

But some times, just time together can truly be the adventure.

So simple.

A couple weeks ago, Chris and I spent a couple hours at Barnes & Noble. Just hanging out. Reading. Perusing the aisles. I read an excerpt from a Romance Novel outloud to him. We snickered like high schoolers….okay, I did. He dove into the History aisles…total geek. And of course, we both ended up in the Travel section.

Together, we sat on the floor and looked at different travel books. Just playing with our future. Showing each other amazing photos of cool hikes, maps, gorgeous beaches and stories about other peoples’ travels. Talking about fun trips to take. Daydreaming. Or, book-dreaming!

And I tell you, there was just something about sitting on the floor together surrounded by all those books. So simple. So perfect.

A total adventure that time together.

So Simple. So Perfect.


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