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Adventure: Lesson Learned in Yoga, Part II

Since taking yoga teacher training two years ago, I have found that I expect more from myself – almost as if the knowledge of those amazing 200 hours should really just go ahead and spawn into my muscles and boom bang, open hamstrings.

Well, it doesn’t work that way.  #reality

So, I found myself on the mat today in Crescent Pose, a strong and heart-opening movement that looks like a deep lunge.  As I adjust and re-adjust, I realize that my body does not want to go very deep today.  If maybe I tweak my hip to the right just a bit….no.  Or perhaps pull the left hip back and in a bit more….oh that’s not good.  Hey breath, where are you?   Am I breathing?

I come fully out of the pose, align my body, pause and move with my breath.   It is clear, I cannot and will not go any deeper on this day.  My front leg is barely in a lunge and my back leg is bent to allow my tailbone to tuck, my hip points aligned, my lower back open, my hip flexor opens across the entire front of my leg, and I continue to breathe.  Mindful not to judge or compare myself to the dude next to me in what seems like a Level 4 pose, I stay right here, right where I need to be.

What I realize in this moment is that when I try to look good on my mat, push deeper in a pose than my body actually can, prove myself to no one that is paying attention  – it doesn’t feel good.  At all.  And I believe yoga should feel good, really good.

However, I find that when I breathe into the movement, into the pose that is less advanced in comparison to my Gumby neighbor in his Level 4 (reminder:  comparison kills), I actually begin to open even more – my body thanks me with more access to big, beautiful breath, more (heart)space and the ability to surrender to where my beautiful body is in this moment, right here, right now.


What if I just live my life that way – present and patient, feeling really good?  Not pushing to prove myself, not trying to catch up with him or her, and not going deeper here or there.  Really and truly allowing myself to breathe in each moment, open my heart more and truly surrender to where my beautiful life is in this moment, right here, right now.


Lesson:  Stop looking good and start feeling good.  Get in your body.


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Life Lessons from Bridesmaids?

If you have about 4 minutes of life to spare, press play for a clip(s) from Bridesmaids when Megan acts out life to Annie and gives her the real deal life lessons:

Part I (2min, 22 sec):  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uNvn6EhSa4Y 

Part II (1minute, 57 sec):   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lUbWIlgo4MU&feature=related

I shot off the couch when Megan said this line to Annie (see Part II):

“I do not associate with people that blame the World for their problems, because you are your problem and you are also your solution”

BOOM.  Take a moment to ponder that. 

Then, make a decision to stand for yourself or someone in your life – perhaps go be life and bite them in the ass (see Part I).  I mean it, that’s the real deal.  To my loved ones, dear friends, and friends I have yet to meet, I say always bite me in the ass if I throw a pity party and lose sight of my right to choice.  Got that?  An advanced thank you.

You are the one your life is waiting for.  So take some personal responsiblity and rock that sh*t!

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Adventure: Lesson Learned in Yoga

I love when actions, moments or practices can truly unfold or unravel your entire life.  Beautiful metaphors, if you will.   Flip back a few blog pages and recall the post titled, lessons learned in a drain?  Similar to that.

So as the lights dimmed this evening in the humid room, I lay absolutely drenched on my yoga mat after the hour and a half power flow + deep holds and I noticed a few great life lessons and reminders from my yoga practice.  Great messages around stress layers, breathing, gratitude. One that hit home today was the subtle reminder, be it from a lack of smooth breathe, a twitch in the knee, or perhaps a grind of the teeth throughout the flow…”Don’t force it.  Just don’t.”

Words of wisdom from my brain (or more so, my heart) to my sweating body.

I have been truly feeling my yoga practice lately.  I have recognized my love for Child’s Pose, my disregard for that extra vinyasa and letting it flow back to my dear ol’ friend, downdog, my ability to breathe into deeper movement, and my attention to detail and form that takes me to another level.  It is a more committed practice than I have ever known.  One that is choice based.   One that is opening, strong and peaceful.

I take a step off the mat tonight and realize the correlation to my life.  My slow ability to love myself, the self-awareness that exists, the nurturing forgiveness and patience I am continuing to work on, as well as the full deep breath that is more readily available in everyday life on and off the mat.   I am more aligned and in tune with my very own body than ever before and seem to have realized a true enjoyment of time.  I feel strong and peaceful.  It feels so delicious.

And in lite of the realization, I turn the life pages back a few chapters and recall my time on the mat just a few years ago; it was rigid, forceful, sporadic and non-committal.  There was a stench of  ego that would not allow me to child’s pose and make me remain a competitor in yoga…I know, it is an oxymoron.  All of them are, really.  And I see how my life at that point, was led that way – forceful, battling to the death with the ego, pushing and pushing (to excel, to be right, to win) and where was the breathe – was I choking?   Unaware, a bit lost and going through the motions.  I feel tired thinking about it.

Quite amazing how life shows up in so many places to show you the way, bring you back home, bring you to peace, and bring you to joy.

Take a deeper dive into your forward fold, your clogged drain or the many life moments.  Maybe you will see….

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