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Embrace Holidays: Heart to Heart

I once read somewhere that hugging another person allows a sense of relaxation, the slowing of the heart beat and a warmth from the exchange of love.

Holidays bring so many hugs and I have to wonder if this feeling of less stress, an open + vulnerable heart and very clear skin are a direct result of all the hugging.  I do wonder.  And well, I do believe so.

Every embrace has been nourishment to my sweet soul this holiday season.

I wrote about my sweet friend, Sarita last year and how she taught me to hug, like this:

“…I mean, hugs all around….to a full on, heart to heart, close your eyes ‘embrace’.  The embrace goes about 4 seconds longer than any normal hug you may be used to.  Almost to that point of awkward, questioning if this is still happening and why is it taking so long as I will see her tomorrow type hug.  And then you realize that its Sarita, making sure you truly feel loved in a moment.  And you are forever transformed to hug everyone four seconds longer.  Thank you for teaching me the beauty of human embrace and for the extra four seconds.”

And thus, I send you a hug that lasts four seconds too long.

I send you love, deep and scary + vulnerable love.

I send you honest conversation and a commitment to rock 2013 together.

And as we close this holiday season, it is not too late to hug longer, love harder and feel it, for real.





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Listen. Listen Harder.

The lighting was low, the space was crowded and the atmosphere was a bit posh.

We were seated amongst the conversations, outdoors on the patio near a fire pit with a single lit candle on the wooden table.

My heart beats for this man I am with and it was his birthday.  As we leaned in to share iPhone light to read the menu, I felt the room slowly melt away.

His half smile and thus crooked moustache stared back at me in the dark.  In that moment, it was just me and  him.  Him and me.  Just us.

We talked for hours.  He shared about his favorite parts of the year, we talked about our communication breakdowns and most amazing breakthroughs, and painted our clear and radical future.  We talked about everything and then we talked about nothing.  I cried silently inside with the utmost gratitude for this life, for this man and for this moment.   Reality check, was it my birthday?

While smiling now and remembering the moments by the fire pit, I realized how beautifully and intently I was listening.  Hanging on to every word he spoke, we spoke.  Listening so hard.

And it was and is a beautiful irony that we connected on such an intimate level in such the public space that would seemingly not allow it.

Just him and me.  Me and him.

I say, let the rooms melt.  Listen.  Listen so much harder.


Note to Self



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Make Friends. Boom.

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November 26, 2012 · 9:03 pm

For the Love of Flannel

I ask you to know you are in the bigger picture and on the most beautiful path.

Please, feel the awesome that is coming and be thankful now for the journey that has gotten you here, there, everywhere.

Be patient.  Be open.  Be honest.

With yourself.  Always with others.

And for the love of flannel, smile and laugh more, eat bacon and rock today!

The bigger picture.  The right path.

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Gratitude. Moustaches. Love.

Happy November to you and you and you!

Rocktober has closed, life has been lived and here we are, Movember uno.

Here they are, the updates:

1)  I am in the midst of training for the Malibu 1/2 Marathon!  10 days to go.  And yes, the boyfriend signed up!  Like I always say, a couple that runs together, stay together.  Or, we are just going to wing it and have the best brunch November 11 has ever seen.  Yes, the sub 2 hour goals still lives!

2)  Fall Soiree.  Happened.

3)  3 day cleanse = fail.  However, I rocked a one day cleanse with JuiceCrafters.  And, I found my accountability partner in my rad friend, Kristina Gong for a 3 day cleanse post 11/11.  She is rocking the Malibu 1/2, too!  Post run, bring on the juice!

4)  Chris and I did not make 2 dates.  Shoot!  Travel schedule, life, sweatpants + flannel… however, we did have one amazing date with delish food, red wine and an impulse purchase including blue leopard print jeans!  I just love love.

5) My blog friends challenged me to not accept any plastic bags for the month.  I can happily say, DONE!  I even carried broccoli in my backpack!  #gogreen

Recap:  October was absolutely unreal.  I goal coached at Yoga Journal Conference in our future life state of Colorado with the boyfriend in the audience, I cheered on one Ironman of a goal crusher at KONA 2012 and swung in a  hammock in Maui, I rocked Seattle with my team of 2 and ran with my sweet pup along the Pacific Ocean often.  I lived a full life this past October.

Let’s do it again!

In the beautiful month of November that is full of gratitude, my favorite people’s birthdays and family love; let’s get intentional here and now:

1)  I raise 500.00 for Movember with my team, “All the Eggs and Bacon You Have”.  Check it:  here.

2)  I am feeling some ink.  #tattoo

3)  I complete the Malibu 1/2 Marathon in sub 2 hours.

4)  Photo Shoot.  Charlie Brown lights.  Holiday Cards to PRINT.  Must happen.

5) goes LIVE by November 30, 2012.

6)  How will you know November?  Tell me about how we can rock gratitude, let’s get accountable!

Inspire me in the comments and share, share, share what you are going to get up to this month!

Let’s live life bigger.  Go!

Gratitude. Moustaches. Love.  November.


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Get Up

In the words of James Brown, “get up offa that thing,  and dance till you feel better“!

There are days when I could sit behind this computer for hours and hours on end.  A little Facebook here, a little work email there, perhaps a look at twitter, oh why not and oh look, a new note on LinkedIN and wow, these blogs are amazing.

You see.

However, sitting hunched over on a computer for hours on end does not suit my frame.  I need to get up offa this thing and try to release some pressure.  And there is no better way than a sweet jam a la the James Brown, a run with the dog, a full on dance off in the living room or any type of activity with rad music to bring me back to life.

Press play.  Move.  Your.  Body.

Right now.

Get up.

Get up offa that thing, and make yourself feel better!


Photo credit: here.


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To Be Real

Dear friend,

I have to tell you something.

I have been so impatient. I am impatient.  And my impatience instills fear that I will be left behind, left out, and be nothing in this World.  And my fear then transpires into stress and judgement, which then causes me to rush everything.  And in this giant rush and push to hurry up life, I leave you behind. I leave you out.  And, I actually really am nothing when I am pushing to be someone tomorrow, not today.   I am just so impatient.

And as I sit here writing this, I realize I have a question for you.

If I slow down and chill out.  If I can see what is in front of me, when I see you in front of me and love, love, love.  If I listen.  If I believe harder.  If I stumble and fall.  If I radically fail.  If I allow space and time to be space and time.  If I stop proving and stop speaking so loudly over others.  If I stop complaining and start creating.

Will you, will you wait for me

Please wait for me.

Dear World, will you wait for me?


Wait, Alexi Murdoch


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