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Launch Day

New Year.  New Website.  Boom.



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Get Out of Bed

It took everything in me to get out of the bed Saturday morning in the midst of the sprinkling rain, little sleep and a mild hangover.  Yet as my boyfriend reminded me at the foot of the bed, ‘Hey, you committed to it, get up, let’s go’.  He was right and I was up.

And, we ran.  My sweet little family of three ran a Christmas 10K together.

After the race, I came home and plopped on the couch and watched Christmas movies with my sweet runner of a dog all afternoon.  In the midst of watching the show and a well-deserved nap, I drained my phone battery as I kept going through my photos from the run.  I would click one picture, then the next.  Zoom in here, smile there.  Crop this, instagram that.

And in that moment, I knew my joy.

What I know to be joy is:  I love finish lines with my boyfriend, hiking in the mountains, goals conversations over coffee, a ride on a Vespa scooter, a heart opening yoga flow, and red wine + laughter.

I say, know your joy.  LOVE the pictures that capture your life!

And always know, you have to get out of bed to be in them!



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Let the Cleansing Begin

3 day juice adventure.  Pre-Thanksgiving Feast.  Clean me out.  Go!  #greenjuice

Check out:  Juice Crafters

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Go Happen

I am reading a new book, Shake the World by James Marshall Reilly.

I feel absolutely compelled to share this page with you:

Read it again.  And again.

Go happen to things and live so big!  Go!


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Guest Post: Unique Purpose

Guest Post written by my sweet cousin, big dreamer and über hiker, Brittany Paulin.  Enjoy!


I have found that I go through stages of inspirational growth.

I’ve confronted love and judgment and there is always fear to expel. Lately, though, I’ve had words like direction, purpose, commitment and balance eloquently enter my psyche. I believe that we all have a unique purpose. My purpose is to serve and help others be healthy.  With that, I am a bit of a free spirit with tunnel vision on the Now. You know, doing what I want when I want on the fly, oozing creativity and investigating ideas. And, I am a 24 year-old-business owner.

How do I channel these ideas and creativity in a direction towards my purpose?

How can I best serve, run a business, and still retain some of my own self?

Balance is a big player here.  What good are these brilliant ideas if they never meet reality?

These are what I’ve found I need to focus on to give myself direction and live my dreams:

Commitment:  It’s not just about relationship commitments. Commitment is love. Therefore when I am passionate about doing something, I have to make a commitment to it. A commitment and love for myself. A commitment to nourish myself. A commitment to health. A commitment to my purpose. Each day I have to reassert and recommit to the purpose. Just like a relationship, it won’t always be easy. There may be fights, but you can’t give up because it is ‘hard’. My grandparents haven’t been married over 50 years and my parents for over 30 years not because it was easy, but they never gave up on the commitment or the love. You can’t divorce your purpose. So in combining this with my ideas now, I commit to my purpose every day. I commit to a direction to take NOW, today, to fulfill and move my purpose forward. I love my job. I love myself. That’s why I am committed and in it for the long haul.

Reconnection: This is big  one for me. Hiking has become such a key part of who I am. Not just for exercise but for the opportunities it yields. A couple of hours a week for quality Brittany time.  I reconnect to myself.  I rediscover what I believe.  I reconnect to my purpose. To listen to my intuition and find that direction free of the influence of others. I am my truest self. My ideas soar. I write my best pieces and have my most brilliant thoughts. Being in Nature makes the problems of my life, concerns about money, doubts and fears seem so small. At the same time its vastness is humbling, but also makes me feel that the World is brimming with infinite opportunities. There are no limits to my own potential and what I can accomplish.

Create Energy: Growing up shy and quiet, I view myself as a good energy reader, as I spent most of my time in observation and listening. Having a purpose where I need to serve, I realize that I have to create an attractive energy. People have to say yes before I can help. Focus on the radiating energy: love, positivity, enthusiasm. I’ve realized that being the highest version of me is the best way to inspire and help others. Make your energy contagious!

Have Fun:  When I read this in the book, Tao of Pooh, I thought I’d found the answer to life. But I had to realize it’s not the party, the do-whatever-the hell-I want-fun. There is still the purpose to focus on. It is the idea that what you’re doing, where you are is fun. Love your job. Love your purpose. Love your Life!

Take time to discover yourself and make a commitment to your life’s purpose. Create energy to let this happen, take time to reconnect, and keep the thought that life is fun!

About Brittany:  She is a Healthy Lifestyle Coach. She teaches weight loss and longevity by teaching healthy eating habits, cooking, exercise with kettlebells, and inspirational thought. In the last six months she has taken ownership of the family business, moved to Colorado Springs to set up a new facility, and continues to oversee the Terre Haute location. She is passionate about cooking, which she loves to share with others through her blog, cookbooks and videos. Her next dream is to create and publish her own solo cookbook. Dream of all dreams? Brittany has a fascination with VW buses and food trucks, so her biggest dream is to travel with her Bakery Bus, serving gluten and refined sugar free treats!

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Make It Happen. Move it Up!

Do you know that feeling, that feeling when you literally feel the goal in your body?  My first trip to Estes Park, CO 3 years ago felt like this.

How about when a goal moves you?  Tears, smiling, joyous joy, and oh so thankful. My second trip to Estes Park, CO last year, felt like this.

How about when you become the goal?  100% you are it!  Physically, mentally and emotionally.  Mind+Body+Spirit.  Boom.  This past weekend, I again made the trek to Estes Park, CO.  And this time, it was beyond real.  My mountain man of a bearded boyfriend came with me, puff vest and all.  I rocked my life goals, puff vest and all, surrounded by the Rocky Mountains, yoga-ing, connecting and goal coaching at the Yoga Journal Conference with lululemon#joblove   Chris explored Denver, Boulder and Estes Park for future adventures, future neighborhoods, and future friends. 






So right on.

And then, just like that, the goal moved.  Whereas in years past, the goal has always moved me.  This year, we moved the goal.  It moved up!  Chris and I + Bear will be Colorado residents by November, 2013.

Ask yourself, ‘What is holding me (us) back?’.

Get real.

Feel a Goal.


Right now.



Make it Happen.

Create YOUR life.  Now.

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Surround Yourself with People Who…

with people who inspire you.

with people who challenge the sh*t out of you.

with people who radically love you.

with people who create space in your life.

with people who make you smile, laugh, feel really good.

with people who support you.

with people who are honest.  Always honest.


And then, you be that person for them.

This one, I am for real.  #choice


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