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What Do You Do?

I am in the midst of creating business cards that are really life cards.

So, not necessarily my 9am-5pm business life on a card, but the “what I am up to with my big, amazing life” card.

That way, when we meet one evening at a party and you shake my hand and ask the question that we always ask to keep the conversation alive and engaging, “Nice to meet you.  (pause)  So, what do you do?”

I can hand you a life card and say, “Oh me?  I am the Mad Hatter“.

Here is how the back of the card I hand you will read:


I cannot wait to meet you!  What will your big, amazing life card read?



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Adventure: Locks of Love

I went short so another child can go long.

This past Saturday, I found myself seated in a beautiful white salon chair staring at my long hair in the mirror – going through the normal worries of cutting all my hair off.

I took my long side braid out and told my hipster stylist, its time.  I am chopping it ALL off for the Locks of Love organization.  And she began to braid my hair in 4 sections.

I have to tell you, I have great hair.  It is only the truth.  I have super thick, all-natural brown, straight hair that has some shine.  These locks don’t lie.  Thus, when I looked in the mirror with my long hair that ALWAYS grows back – I knew it was the most radical decision to donate to children suffering from medical hair loss.  This was my third time donating my hair.  And it felt amazing!

Eleanor Roosevelt said “Do one thing every day that scares you”.  Well, its scared me, and to be honest, it still does, when I look in the mirror in the mornings.  Questions surface, “do I look like a boy?”, “should I not have done it?”, “do I really need to wear earrings now?”, “do I need a more feminine look?”…

However, I check my ego and remind myself why I cut my hair – and I fall in love with my new look every time. 

And the space of service  is one that makes me feel beautiful.



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Adventure: Sweat Together

I have said it before and I know I will say it again (and again).

A couple that sweats together, stays together. 

I met up with my main squeeze today for my first 1:1 coaching session with him at his local CrossFit Box.  I have been breathing and flowing on my blue yoga mat for the past 3-4 months – so needless to say, hardest.workout.ever.

But amidst the sweat + heart beating out of my throat + hating with sheer force jump roping double unders + wanting to be done after round 1 and having 7 more to go… what really happened was we sweat together, we spent quality time together, he was my coach and I got to enjoy the loving-his-life-boyfriend of mine, when he is smack dab in his passion meets best life zone.   And, as I came to my last round of the workout (Chris finished over 9 minutes before me but stood there cheering me on), I did two of these special jump rope styles in a row.  We both paused, I looked up smiling and he was so proud of me.  Made it all worth while.  Sweet love in a sweat.


Sweet Love in a Sweat

Note:  he rocked cotton, I did not.  #wicking  #onesweatydude

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Adventure: the Radical Force of Quiet

It was my birthday this past week.  It was lovely, I really look forward to even number years, not sure what that is about.

My sweet boyfriend woke me up early in the morning to surprise me with my favorite fresh-baked muffins and a red and white bag on the table awaiting my aggressive present-opening style.  I looked at the muffins and the present, half awake and went for the bag.  As I tore open the gift, I saw what was inside was much, much more than he knew he was giving me.  For in that bag with red tissue and the word, love written all over it was the gift of quiet.

What?  How did he wrap that up?  How did he know?

Well, in actuality, the gift is a year membership to a Holistic Spa in Santa Monica (I know, he is a total keeper).  There are togas to wear with those weird spa sandals, three different and very awesome infrared saunas, a clothing optional (super hippie) jacuzzi with a nearby sweet-smelling eucalyptus steamroom …  It is a dream really.  But the common denominator in all these rooms and fun amenities is the all too demanding and utmost radical force of quiet.

I walked in this past week for my first visit and fell instantly in love with the aforementioned details.  They had that spa music playing on low volume in the background and all these fresh-faced estheticians walking around.  The loudest sound I heard while I was there was me, and it was my heart beating or I was chomping on an apple.  I literally felt the tight yarn ball that is my body begin to unwind for each moment I sat in the sauna rooms.  My shoulders began to peel layers of some non-existant heavy weight, my back opened with deep breath and my legs literally went to JELL-O.  I almost cried.  Okay fine, I did cry with the utmost gratitude for this moment, for my boyfriend with a gift that just keeps on giving, and for the ability to say to myself, “wow, you really needed this and yes, you deserve it”.

It is a true gift, quiet.  I am literally on the phone all day, or on my scooter riding somewhere, or talking to someone or anyone at the coffee shop about an outfit, their shoes, yoga or the weather….there is actually little quiet in my life.  And mind you, I do love my life that way.  I love energy, people in motion, life in action.  I love aggressive people setting goals, drinking coffee and living it up!

However, I also see the need for the yin to that yang.   To truly be available and vibrating on that high level daily – you have to, have to, have to refuel and take that time for you.  Perhaps, in quiet.

And for those moments that I get to visit the spa – I am quiet.  I am calm.  And, I am so thankful.

Take time for quiet.  Be it in your meditation, your holistic spa which very well could be your bath tub, on your yoga mat or on the ocean waves – try on quiet and feel the unwind.


Quiet fit in there?


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Adventure: a Love Letter to Me

Dear Self,

In honor of the Day of Valentine’s – I will write you (me) a love letter.

I am proud of you for who you have become.  I am sincerely happy that you have found love.  Love in all forms.  Love in a partner.  Love in your friends.  Love in your job.  Love in your life.  It is a true gift and one you should always wake up in true gratitude for with a smile every morning.

I am almost shocked and mildly, okay, wildly impressed with your commitments lately.  You show up where you say you will be, on time and present.  You have integrity in a new, more mature way.  Continue to live this way.  As you have seen the commitment of your yoga unfold to a beautiful, heart-opening practice, so will you see your life unfold to a beautiful, heart-opening practice, if you continue to commit to love, integrity and yourself.

I love your communication style, as of late.  I am not sure if the turn of your birthday or this new year has turned you – but you have become more open, trusting your intuition and sharing more.  You have deeper friendships and deeper love for this. 

Never forget you are on a journey.  You and your ego quarrel often, and that is fine.  Be in that space and know that is part of your path and part of your life movement.  From zen to aggressive – you are who you are, so live in SoCal and ride that wave, and always trust yourself.

Hug yourself more.  You are doing good for the World…even when you think you might be lagging behind.  Patience is still something you are learning in this life.  Have grace and forgiveness in these moments.  Again, you are on the journey.

And finally, book your romantic Summer trip to Colorado.  What are you waiting for? 

Love yourself.

With love,


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Adventure: Smile

I work for a radical company you might have heard of, lululemon athletica.  Today in my Outlook calendar was an appointment titled:  Gratitude Call with Brian Tracy.  I was so excited and inspired; a company wide phone call with the gratitude king,  BTracy himself!  #joblove

Now, amongst the many juicy nuggets I took away, wrote down and  have been reflecting on every other minute, as I sit here still vibrating from the conversation, one that resonated with me this evening was how we are able to communicate and appreciate one another as humans via smiling.  A smile as a way to show gratitude, love and respect.  Beautiful.

So naturally, I put it to the test.

It was a gorgeous day in Southern California and I had a hankering to get outside the entire work day.  I finished up my last interview and rushed to the bedroom to put my running clothes on for an evening run with my energy monster of a rescue pup, Bear.  We sped out the door in a hurry to literally race one another down the blocks to catch the sun dip into the ocean reflecting over the beach.

Now, while running I made it a point to smile at passersby and if someone wanted to chat, I pulled out one ear bud blasting Pandora radio of Florence & the Machine (highly recommended) and gave them the time of day.  Albeit a longer run than planned, every smile returned and every conversation was bliss. 

I met a man named Ron cleaning his RV who said I have a happy dog and shared the benefits of my running with him.  Smiling. 

While stretching, I talked to an out-of-towner and a local watching the sun set on a grassy knoll off the Venice Boardwalk, as we exchanged our mutual appreciation for the beauty of the sky literally looking as if it was on fire.  Still smiling. 

I made eye contact with an older man riding his bike on the beach path that laughed out loud at Bear’s gregarious running style in the soft sand.  Big smile. 

I passed a young gal with her tiny pup and we laughed as I yanked Bear away from her little energy monster.  

On my return home, I met a dude named Beau with a Frenchie named Addy.  He was a handsome young fellow that asked me out for a drink, although I kindly declined and shared I had a hot boyfriend at home.  But nonetheless, told him he was very cute and enjoyed talking to him.  Secret smile. 

And finally, I met the owner of the market on the corner that is literally 27 steps from my front door.  His name is Hawk and he is now looking into how much he can get a case of coconut water for me at a good price – as I am there at his counter every other day for my individual purchases of the Unsweetened Natural Isotonic Beverage that is Amy & Brian Coconut Juice

 And as I walked into my house smiling, I realized that I have never had such an enjoyable time with my community and how I absolutely loved that run.  And, I swear when I looked down to remove the leash, Bear was smiling, too.

So, what of this smiling thing? 

Well, it rocked my Universe.  If you had any thoughts on this, I say put it to the test! 

Especially to all of my single friends out there:  go rescue a puppy and SMILE your heart out!

Run to the Sunset


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Adventure: the Great-Life-with-Laughter Table

Well, last November I bought a dream kitchen table.  You know the picnic table style: stained and recycled wood, pull out benches, seats 6-8 people…big, wide, wooden beautiful.

I saw the table at the Melrose Trading Post, a must-go for all of you LA residents!  I ran my hand across the top and for a moment, I daydreamed of friends filling the table, wine glasses full, delicious food and laughter, so much laughter just pouring out of my open apartment windows.   I was in an apron and at the oven… *record scratch*… I am not a cook, much less own an apron!  Sigh, oh yes!  I have a boyfriend that is absolute magic in the kitchen – daydream record back on.  So, Chris by the oven and there I am, refilling wine glasses. chiming in on conversation and hosting.  It was a radical visual.

So yes, I might have broken the monthly budget with awful timing, approaching holiday travel and Christmas shopping, but I bought that “great-life-with-laughter” table.  It happened on the spot.

Now, all we needed was hungry friends to fill it!  Never mind that we really don’t even own a full set of wine glasses, or proper plate and bowls yet..that will come with time. 

So, this past week, our table runneth over.  Chris and I hosted a dinner party with friends and every spot was taken with an ottoman pulled up to the table’s end for extra seating.  #bliss

I turned around at one moment in the course of the evening with a wine bottle in my hand, laughter pouring from the table out the window, delicious smells coming from the oven that Chris was standing by and I just smiled.  Well, I smiled and then did a mild freak out  and chanted my excitement to our friends that our table was full for the very first time ever.  Friends laughed again. 

My daydream record had become a real life record.  It’s such a beautiful thing when that happens.  I say keep daydreaming and some times, you just have to jump, make the purchase and make life happen from there!

And, we even had a surprise birthday song that evening.  Oh, how I love the great-life-with-laughter table.

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