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the R.S.V.P.

I correlate the act of sharing goals to that of sending out an invitation to the Universe, inviting it and all its inhabitants to a big party, an all-out rager, and one sweet @ss adventure.

Dear Universe,

You are cordially invited to be a part of my goal:  I am living with my familiy in Colorado in an eco-loving log cabin by March 2018. 

R.S.V.P. to yourlifeadventures(at)gmail(dot)com.

Love, me.

There is a date/time/location on the invite, an R.S.V.P. to respond and a transition from one hand to another, from one brain to another, from one heart to another.

When I send that invite, when I share my goals, I invite you to join me and giddy up.

Now, the part I often forget to pay the most attention to, when sharing/planning/living goals, is the full-of-commitment R.S.V.P.  There is always choice.   You can respond Yes or No, Join or Decline, Party or Couch Potato.

And then, the true power in choice is up to me.

I say, when sharing goals and creating rad sh*t, choose to create it with people who sent in the R.S.V.P.  Surround yourself in a goals conversation with people who checked the “YES, I am attending” box! 

Because I do really know, they are the ones that are going rock out, stay up all night and party on, to get you there.

P.S.     B.Y.O.B.



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Like New Years in September: Accountability

Happiest Labor Day to all!

I spent the weekend unplugged, in a tent overlooking a fishing pond, stuffing my face with apple pie and sips of sweet wine in a little mountain town called Julian, CA.   #holidaycelebrate

Also, Happy September!  Can you believe it?  Me neither.

With September, here are some commitments/goals I wanted to share.  I feel that I do best when I utilize social media as a tool for self accountability.  Weird, perhaps.  However, when I tell the World I am going to do it, I really do it.  It is like I think someone might call me out if I don’t, so I giddy up!  Find a way that works for you, for real.   Here goes:

1)  Wheat belly and holiday life, Chris and I are committed to eating straight Paleo as of Tuesday, September 4 through October 3, 2012.  (weakness:  wine, chocolate and coffee creamer)

2)  I am committed to blogging adventuresforlife posts EVERY single day starting today (September 3) through October 3.  #iamawriter

3)  Inspired by Dad’s completion of his first finish line via 13.1 miles this past August, my whole family is training for the TurkeyTrot 10K in November (in Houston, TX) – run in your city and we could do a fun picture share!  September commit:  I am going to run with Boyfriend+Bear by the beach 2 times per week this month.

4) BIG September commit:  I send my logo to print business cards for my goal coaching business by Oct. 1, 2012!  #declared  (I am way deep in the certification process via igolu Leadership Certification)

5)  I would love to volunteer this month, be it an animal shelter, planting trees or reading books to children….  Please email me at yourlifeadventures(at)gmail(dot)com, if you are in the LA area and have a volunteer opp and you would love someone (me) to join!  Or, if you can creatively think of a volunteer activity via SKYPE or phone, I am all ears and all yours!

What are you up to this September?  Share and inspire us in the comment section below!

Need accountability support, shout it out!


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Accept. Commit. Create. Repeat.

I have an absolute confession to make.

I fell off the wagon.

If you will recall my adventure of the 30 day yoga challenge a couple month’s ago, I was committed.  I felt my body open, my heart open and my practice evolve.  I made time in each day for yoga.

At the end of 30 days, I celebrated and rejoiced.  I honestly was very proud of myself and was ready to hop into my next challenge.  I just could not find one.  So, I fell off the committment wagon.  I kind of flounced in and out of classes, a couple jogs with the dog here and there.  And I felt the eratic-ness that was my health life begin to ebb and flow into my life life.

I attended yoga this morning.  Crick, crack, crick; I was tight as a brand new rubber band.  Where had my flexibility gone?  Hips, are you made of cement?  Where was plow pose – are you okay back there, spine?

In understanding that I had taken time off, so did my body.

We all need a break.  I get it.   And I took a moment this morning to totally accept right where I was on my mat.  Tight.  Beautiful.  Present.

However, upon leaving class, I realized that when you commit fully to a practice, to an adventure, to a new commitment, you are in deep and you are focused.  You make epic sh*t happen and you don’t let anything get in the way.

Similar to life.

It is fine to take a  breather.  But for me, I get lazy.  I said it, I get lazy.  I stray too far away from what I want most and then it seems the trek back is so long and hard.

And then I remember, I always have choice.  The choice to re-commit and make time for what I want, what I really, really want in this life.  And, then do it.  Start now.


Every day.

So truly, where are you in your commitments?

Accept.  Commit.  Create your life.  Repeat.

neon pink post-it commitments

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Adventure: 30 Day Yoga Challenge

This week, I completed day 30 of a self committed 30 Day Yoga Challenge.

As I reflect, this is what I see:

1)  I think I cracked my sternum bone.  The sternum is the flattened bone located in the center of your chest right in front of your heart.  I woke up almost every day of my challenge, with that center bone feeling sore, stretched and stimulated – as if my heart was knocking on the back door.  A subtle yet obvious reminder to keep my heart open on the regular.

2)  I went in to the challenge with expectations.  I thought to myself, I will rock out Bird of Paradise and an amazing handstand by the end of this challenge.  Well, I cannot.  On about day 4, my left hip locked up and the Universe requested that I slow my sh*t down.   Beautiful life lessons were available and open, once the expectations of performance were dropped.   Write this down:  expectations wreck possibility.

3)  With the slower theme, I found myself trying new styles of yoga.  I ventured to yin classes, I practiced at home with my yoga mat, a candle and my dog via www.yogavibes.com and I joined a meditation class at a local studio.  I met new and amazing teachers, people and I explored my body in different styles.  An adventure of yoga, really.  I expanded in new ways.  Remind yourself to venture into the unknown some times.  I sent a card once that read “Life Starts at the End of Your Comfort Zone” – and let me tell you, there was some uncomfortable in that Meditation class.  Ram, ram, ram, ram….

4)  I now feel a deeper connection with my teachers.  To rock my accountability, I committed to certain classes and teachers through the weeks and my cracked open heart gives thanks to the beautiful sequencing, the unreal wisdom and the welcoming love of  Mia Togo, Mary Beth Larue, Kyra Anastasia and Hala Khouri.  It was a beautiful reminder that every student has a teacher, and every teacher has their students.

5)  I practiced yoga for me.  When I was on the mat, I was in my body.  I was alive.  Stop looking around, go inside and feel you.

6)  My Savasanahs throughout the 30 days were UNREAL.  I literally transported to a different space where time melts and for a moment, there is silence in my mind.  Most of my teachers allow for a longer savasanah and it truly allows for the release, the let go and the movement of the practice to settle in.  For 30 days I took 5 minutes a day to do nothing, lay flat and breathe, that is beautiful.

7)  I love the commitment.  30 days of yoga in a row is a big commitment.  Where will I find the time?  How will I fit it all in?  But when you truly decide to commit, you don’t miss a beat and you begin to feel the subtle beauty of commitment and achievement.  You begin to consider:  how, perhaps could this be possible in other areas of my life?  Explore your commitments and be true to yourself.

8)  Accountability works.  I completed the challenge with my best friend who lives in Indiana.  We had specific rules to follow and we would check in with one another often.  I could not miss a class when I knew she has already gone to her class that morning.  Find a friend and commit together.

9)  Yoga is a beautiful practice.  The body movement, the power of breath, the open heart space, the tranquil mind…. It has shifted me.  Find you version of yoga (be it running, cooking, reading, making delicious lattes…) and feel the shift.

10) And finally, I sit here and ponder the next 30 day challenge?  I feel invigorated, confident and excited with my heart wide open ready to commit to something inspiring – what will it be?

Press Play:  Fun TED talk about 30 day challenges:  HERE

What is something new you have wanted to try that you could commit to for 30 days?

Heart Wide Open.

What are you waiting for?



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Adventure: Lessons Learned in a Drain

So, we were having some troubles with the shower drain.  If you have ever experienced this mess – it gets ugly and fast.   Soap scum, human hair, dare I say dog hair, sitting water…

Needless to say, it had probably been over 4-5 weeks and I was over it.  And yes, I could wait for the manager of my building to finally send someone over – or I could have not waited around about 3 weeks ago, standing in water every shower – neither here, nor there now.  Well, last night I decided to take care of business.  I put my hair back in a headband, broke out all the cleaning supplies in the house and would not take no for an answer from that shower drain.

You guys, I will leave out the details including multi-purpose cleaner, a cut on thumb from an untwisted wire hanger, elbow grease behind the scrubber, and a total of 37 minutes from start to finish kneeling over the tub’s edge…and just let you all know that I rocked that drain, got my hands dirty and fixed that clog!   When the water started to rush down the drain, I truly felt like Clark Griswold on Christmas Vacation when he finally gets the lights to work and the hallelujah song plays in the background.  Do note: I sang the song in my head as the water flowed.

Yes, it was quite the accomplishment, as I see this blog could read as a self-glorified high five.
But what I wanted to share, I thought back to the past month, my goals failed, stressed communication, holidays, Mercury in retrograde, parking tickets, etc…and realized that some times, life’s situations are a mere reflection of what is going on.  I went there and saw that life can feel like a clogged drain: no movement, obstacles,  hairy situations, waiting for others to fix a problem, all talk and no action…which only then can lead to disbelief, resentment, frustration, irritability, NON-enjoyable showers….you get the idea.  And in life and for this case, my clogged drain, you some times have to take it on yourself – explore any and all options, be willing to get your hands really dirty, know it may take longer than expected and realize the beauty of patience.   Lessons learned in a drain.
I’ll have you know, I am taking this drain clearing and running with it.  My life is open, clear and moving!  Go ahead, take a peek at your life drain.  #getinaction



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Share: Goal Failure

So, here is the deal.

I love goals.  And I have been in more and more conversation around goals: be it my goals, other’s goals, New Year’s resolutions, failed goals, achieved……

I pulled open my most recently updated goal sheet and noticed a couple missed dates.  Example:

I rock Bird of Paradise in yoga – balanced hips +shoulders = balanced life by Nov. 2011.   Epic fail – if you could have seen me trying to do it last night in my living room…. it was more like crouching one-legged dragon.  #notparadise

I own a CANON camera with purple neck strap by October 15, 2011.  Miss – just me and my Blackberry photo uploads.

I stared at the computer screen.  Sat back.  Looked at my goal sheet and really wondered what was up with that?  I had written these goals down – present tense, with an accountability date…what was holding me back?

ZING.  Commitment.

I had taken the time to write my goals – but had not truly taken the time to commit to my goals.  A very necessary step.

The goals can sound really great and look really inspiring on paper – but until you freakin’ rock out and get into action – there is no real goal at all.  Just a reminder of something you might have, should have, supposedly could have done.

So here I am – re-commiting.  The RE- standing for REALLY….really committing to Bird of Paradise and that radical camera. 

I will be updating with photos and how and when and why!

Bird of Paradise by February 13, 2012.

CANON camera by May 1, 2012.

#takingastand  #gettinginaction  #seeyouinyoga

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