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Launch Day

New Year.  New Website.  Boom.



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Let the Cleansing Begin

3 day juice adventure.  Pre-Thanksgiving Feast.  Clean me out.  Go!  #greenjuice

Check out:  Juice Crafters

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Crush On: 13.1

My boyfriend and I rocked the Malibu 1/2 Marathon this past weekend on early Sunday morning.  As I had shared in an earlier post:

I complete the Malibu 1/2 Marathon in sub 2 hours.

I am so freaking stoked to share with you that my official finish time was:  1:59:16

Just by seconds and I’ll count it.

What I do know is that this goal was mind over matter.  There were gnarly hills I was definitely not prepared for.  Waking up at 4am to running at almost 8am makes it tricky to gauge the perfect outfit for such temperatures near the water.  The pre-race meal, I will not even tell you what I consumed the evening before the start line.  And, did I mention the hills?

Mind over matter.  At mile 7, the 2 hour pace racers buzzed past me on an uphill.  At mile 10, I realized I could still make it.  At mile 12, I passed the 2 hour pacers coming into the finish line!


When it comes to rocking your goals, you have to believe 100% in yourself, even if you seem to fall behind, say at mile 7.  Believe harder.  Feel it in the depths of your body and know it to be possible.  Keep going.  Seriously, keep going.  And crush on, my friends!  Crush on!



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Go Happen

I am reading a new book, Shake the World by James Marshall Reilly.

I feel absolutely compelled to share this page with you:

Read it again.  And again.

Go happen to things and live so big!  Go!


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Gratitude. Moustaches. Love.

Happy November to you and you and you!

Rocktober has closed, life has been lived and here we are, Movember uno.

Here they are, the updates:

1)  I am in the midst of training for the Malibu 1/2 Marathon!  10 days to go.  And yes, the boyfriend signed up!  Like I always say, a couple that runs together, stay together.  Or, we are just going to wing it and have the best brunch November 11 has ever seen.  Yes, the sub 2 hour goals still lives!

2)  Fall Soiree.  Happened.

3)  3 day cleanse = fail.  However, I rocked a one day cleanse with JuiceCrafters.  And, I found my accountability partner in my rad friend, Kristina Gong for a 3 day cleanse post 11/11.  She is rocking the Malibu 1/2, too!  Post run, bring on the juice!

4)  Chris and I did not make 2 dates.  Shoot!  Travel schedule, life, sweatpants + flannel… however, we did have one amazing date with delish food, red wine and an impulse purchase including blue leopard print jeans!  I just love love.

5) My blog friends challenged me to not accept any plastic bags for the month.  I can happily say, DONE!  I even carried broccoli in my backpack!  #gogreen

Recap:  October was absolutely unreal.  I goal coached at Yoga Journal Conference in our future life state of Colorado with the boyfriend in the audience, I cheered on one Ironman of a goal crusher at KONA 2012 and swung in a  hammock in Maui, I rocked Seattle with my team of 2 and ran with my sweet pup along the Pacific Ocean often.  I lived a full life this past October.

Let’s do it again!

In the beautiful month of November that is full of gratitude, my favorite people’s birthdays and family love; let’s get intentional here and now:

1)  I raise 500.00 for Movember with my team, “All the Eggs and Bacon You Have”.  Check it:  here.

2)  I am feeling some ink.  #tattoo

3)  I complete the Malibu 1/2 Marathon in sub 2 hours.

4)  Photo Shoot.  Charlie Brown lights.  Holiday Cards to PRINT.  Must happen.

5) goes LIVE by November 30, 2012.

6)  How will you know November?  Tell me about how we can rock gratitude, let’s get accountable!

Inspire me in the comments and share, share, share what you are going to get up to this month!

Let’s live life bigger.  Go!

Gratitude. Moustaches. Love.  November.


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Believe Harder

I woke up this morning in Maui.

I wish you were here.

Yes, you.

The sweet smell of salt air and the sound of crashing waves sneak in the open windows.  I am surrounded by a Canadian tribe of radical people up to really big, amazing lives rocking human impact.  And, I have a bit of a hangover due to over-celebration of an uber athlete of a friend crushing her goals and rocking the Ironman World Championship in Kona.

It is a beautiful life.

And, I have a hard time believing this is my life, that I deserve this, that I am really here.

Believe harder, I tell myself.

Believe harder and own these moments of absolute gratitude, love and joy to be alive.  So alive.

Believe harder so you can stop asking if it is really real and actually be in the present moment.

Believe harder and know that you attract and you choose this life.  Own it.  Be it. Rock it.


I so wish you were here.


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Make It Happen. Move it Up!

Do you know that feeling, that feeling when you literally feel the goal in your body?  My first trip to Estes Park, CO 3 years ago felt like this.

How about when a goal moves you?  Tears, smiling, joyous joy, and oh so thankful. My second trip to Estes Park, CO last year, felt like this.

How about when you become the goal?  100% you are it!  Physically, mentally and emotionally.  Mind+Body+Spirit.  Boom.  This past weekend, I again made the trek to Estes Park, CO.  And this time, it was beyond real.  My mountain man of a bearded boyfriend came with me, puff vest and all.  I rocked my life goals, puff vest and all, surrounded by the Rocky Mountains, yoga-ing, connecting and goal coaching at the Yoga Journal Conference with lululemon#joblove   Chris explored Denver, Boulder and Estes Park for future adventures, future neighborhoods, and future friends. 






So right on.

And then, just like that, the goal moved.  Whereas in years past, the goal has always moved me.  This year, we moved the goal.  It moved up!  Chris and I + Bear will be Colorado residents by November, 2013.

Ask yourself, ‘What is holding me (us) back?’.

Get real.

Feel a Goal.


Right now.



Make it Happen.

Create YOUR life.  Now.

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