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Get Out of Bed

It took everything in me to get out of the bed Saturday morning in the midst of the sprinkling rain, little sleep and a mild hangover.  Yet as my boyfriend reminded me at the foot of the bed, ‘Hey, you committed to it, get up, let’s go’.  He was right and I was up.

And, we ran.  My sweet little family of three ran a Christmas 10K together.

After the race, I came home and plopped on the couch and watched Christmas movies with my sweet runner of a dog all afternoon.  In the midst of watching the show and a well-deserved nap, I drained my phone battery as I kept going through my photos from the run.  I would click one picture, then the next.  Zoom in here, smile there.  Crop this, instagram that.

And in that moment, I knew my joy.

What I know to be joy is:  I love finish lines with my boyfriend, hiking in the mountains, goals conversations over coffee, a ride on a Vespa scooter, a heart opening yoga flow, and red wine + laughter.

I say, know your joy.  LOVE the pictures that capture your life!

And always know, you have to get out of bed to be in them!




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Let’s ROCKtober!

Hey there over there!  Happy October!

I just love the first day of the month, it feels so fresh and open. 

Update on life from New Years in September: Accountability, here we go:

1)  Paleo Living.  I will say I did really great until this past weekend when my best friend came in town and we sipped a little bit of sweet berry wine (weakness).  Shoot.   I believe I am a more of an “eat Paleo” challenger, not “drink paleo” lifer.

2) Write every day in September on Adventures for Life.  Are you sick of me yet, because this goal is en fuego!  Thank you to my guest contributors that dropped knowledge and shared in the goal.   #iamawriter

3)  Run 2x/week with Chris + Bear = epic FAIL.  I overshot this one big time.  With Chris’ crazy schedule and my love of yoga, spin, crossfit intro classes and hiking, the committed runs took a backseat.

4)  Life brand created. Check.  Sent to print, nope.  Even better, sent to be made into a stamp.  BOOM!  And, I bought a website!  Unveil soon.  #action

5) Volunteer.  Rocked Reading to Kids and picked up trash on California Coastal Clean Up Day with Heal the Bay, Naam Yoga and Whole Foods.  #service

So, that was rad.  My September was full on and full awesome. 

Now, let’s ROCKtober!  Like this:

1)  I train for the Malibu 1/2 Marathon in November.  Goal:  sub 2 hours.  40 days to go!  You with me or what, boyfriend?

2)  Friends + pumpkins + hosting = HAPPY FALLIDAYS!   Fall Soiree to be had in October chez moi.

3)  I complete a 3 day cleanse with JuiceCraftersAny takers?  #accountabilitypartner

4)  Chris and I go on two smokin’ hot dates this month.  NOTE:  No lululemon athletica wardrobe allowed.  #dressup  #tricky

5)  YOU tell me.  In the words of the King of Pop, I Wanna Rock with You!  #inspiredgoals

Share in the comments what you are going to get up to and I will pick a favorite and do it with you!

BOOM!  Let’s ROCKtober! 


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We came. We ran. We finished. Together.

Finish Line with Dad!


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Moved in Moments

I recently have been getting into the ESPN 30 for 30 series.  I just watched ‘Into the Wind’ by Steve Nash and Ezra Holland.  I literally was sobbing through the epic human experience that is Terry Fox’s journey as an amputee from bone cancer running across the entire country that is Canada to raise awareness and money for Cancer Research.  Please watch it.  Tonight.

Also, as you may know, my Dad lands down tomorrow to rock Vancouver with me and run the Seawheeze 1/2 Marathon on Saturday.  I am absolutely overwhelmed with excitement and gratitude.

So this morning, I went for an early run on the Seawall in Vancouver.  It was the perfect running weather with mild temperatures, overcast skies and the Pacific Ocean by my side.  I rocked out to my playlist titled “Running Shoes On” and felt strong this early AM as a non-morning person.

Along the way, I felt sudden rushes of energy through my body that actually caught my breath patterns.  Choked up, almost.  My heart pulled a bit and I felt a welling in my tear ducts.  In those moments, I realized I was so overcome at the thought of running with my Dad and crossing a race finish line with my Dad, I would almost start to cry.  And then, all of a sudden, being in Canada just sparked the documentary I had watched last week with Terry Fox and I wanted to cry for him, too.  I wanted to run for him, too.

Just rushes of insane and intense emotions that actually made my run so fast.

Made my run so enjoyable.

Made my run so fulfilling.

And I recognize now that this is possible in life.  When we are moved and inspired by other’s actions, we can feel it in our own body.  We are moved both physically and emotionally.  We feel joy and fulfillment, if we choose to truly see others.

I want to live life like this everyday.

Inspired by others.

Moved in moments.

Morning Runner’s View




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Dad, Run with Me?

This was the content of the email I sent to my Dad and Mom on April 20th of this year:


To:  Parents

Subject:  Seawheeze 1/2 Marathon


Just sign up!  I’ll run it with you the whole way!


That was it!

One week later, I called Dad to badger him about it thinking there is now way but why not?  And what?!  He responded that he had signed up.  He was coming to Vancouver to rock 13.1 miles with me in August.  Just me and Dad!   Mind you, my Dad is not a long distance runner.  I think the length of the basketball court was/is the name of his distance game.

So, I am sitting in the airport in Phoenix last night on a layover + delay, thinking about the 8 days to finish line.  The evening before, my Dad and I had went for a quick interval run together in Houston – hello humidity, hello sweat.  However, I noticed he had gotten so much faster.  And, he was looking good!  13 pounds later, he said his clothes were fitting better.  High five, Dad!

Anyways, back to sitting there in the airport,: I was listening to people complaining about the delay, handling restless children or throwing back a couple brewskies at the bar …  And all of a sudden, I feel tears start to well in the bottom of my weird-timing-for-everything eyelids.  Such a sap.  But, I was just overwhelmed with gratitude, excitement and love.

One email, one action, sweaty runs together to tears in an airport to a future finish line.

What I want you to know is that, you just never know until you ask.

I’m so happy I asked.


Me and Dad!



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Goals Alive

Yesterday evening, I was running down the street towards the Pacific Ocean with my boyfriend and sweet dog. I had a bumping 80’s song blaring in the ear buds, the sun was shining through clouds with a random lite rain and I internally smiled to the visual of my beautiful family sweating together.

We slow our jog as we approach a red stoplight and a woman dressed in neon catches up with us at the corner. I glance at her as a fellow friendly runner.  Pause.  Look away. We recognize each other from somewhere and we glance back again. I remove an ear bud, as does she, and we re-introduce ourselves.

We had actually met at a goal coaching event I had led at a local lululemon store a few months back (my goals). She had been there, vocal and sharing her goals with the audience. One of her goals shared that evening was to complete the Malibu Triathlon (Olympic distance) in September of this year.

One big, juicy + sweaty goal.

And lo and behold, there she was. There we were. Running. Crossing life paths in a moment in time.  As we exchanged names again, she shared that she had just taught a spin class and was out for her run – training for that goal, for that Malibu Olympic Triathlon!



Very awesome to literally run into a goal that she had declared in a space in time.  And even more so, very epic that I was leading that event, living into my goals when she had committed.

Goals freakin’ alive!


Sweaty Family

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Life Pause Button

As I sit here thinking about the 47 minute-ish run I just completed with my dog, Bear, I ponder which moment to share….

That I was curious like a cat around some cop scene + drug bust at a bus stop and slowed down to a lite canter to listen and look and fell down on my @ss on the sidewalk in front of entire scene.  A subtle reminder from life directly to me to mind my own business. 

Or the amazing street art photos I snapped on my iPhone that lit up the landscape on a gloomy SoCal day, like today.   Oh you, colorful California.

Or how I definitely need to figure out how to go running with this new short haircut.  #hotmess

No, I am just going to gently remind you of the old saying that says stop and smell the roses.  Or, if you are down in Venice jogging, stop and smell the Ocean air.  Stare out into the horizon and past the foggy Santa Monica Moutains.  Perhaps block out the sounds of your own inner chatter reminding you that you just straight busted your bum and fell in front of 2 cops, 1 man in handcuffs, 3 people waiting for the bus and 6pm traffic in the main intersection … and hit the always available life pause button.

Deep breath..


Oh ya, I ran way faster after that…. 



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