Adventure: Feel a Goal

I live and breathe goals. I think ‘possibility‘ might be my favorite word of ALL time.

Now, in living in a space of possibility, I share my goals…daily. One goal of mine is: I move to Colorado by April 2014.

This past weekend, I spent my time in Denver, Estes Park and Boulder, Colorado. I took deep sweet breaths of that mountain air. I did yoga daily at the Yoga Journal Conference and yes, I even got feathers put into my hair and put peppermint oil in my water. I embraced that Colorado life.

What I wanted to share about this trip turned adventure was the goosebumps I felt each day. The smile that came across my face each morning when I looked out my lodge window and saw the mountainous mountains, the wildlife of elk all over the YMCA Estes Park campus, and the sunshine every day all day. I wanted to share my future with you and the amazing feeling I felt there knowing with all the confidence in the Universe that I will live there with my (future) husband, a family, and a dog and we will hike, ski, snow shoe, camp and all that is Colorado!!

Go feel a goal. Go do it right now. Breathe it in….breathe it in like that fresh mountain air. Smile and live in a space of possibility for your best life.


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One response to “Adventure: Feel a Goal

  1. Just beautiful Jacki! Breathing it all, the possibility, the purpose, the adventure. I strive to be like you. 🙂

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