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Mind Where You Matter

What if I could be truly in this moment right here, right now?

What if I could stop thinking about work?

What if I could step out of the yesterdays?

Or even, stop trying to step so far into the tomorrrows?

And, what if I could stop being upset about my left hip being tweaked for the past three days?

What if I could choose patience?

What if I could enjoy my deep buddah belly breathe, without nagging about the incredible amount of trail mix and peanut butter cups I ate today?

Or, what if I really could zone out in Savasanah on my bold blue yoga mat?

What if I stopped the rushing?

What if I really did believe my yoga teacher when she told me that right here, right now is exactly where I am supposed to be?

What if I smiled, right now?

And what if I truly recognized the beauty of my life, my breathe, my big, beating heart?

What if I tuned in to today?

Took time to be grateful, not hateful?

Considered that in this moment, I better make up my mind?

What if….





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Light Up, Come Alive.

If I had one request to all human beings, I would ask people to do what they love every day.

I really do feel we all have purpose.  And, I really do feel that it is our job to find out what it is, live it, love it and share it.

And if somehow I was given one more request, I would ask people to love themselves more.

I say, go ahead and forgive whatever it is that might be holding you back from the abundance of self-love.  Yes, right now.  And then gently recognize that it is you that is holding you back from yourself.  So then, go ahead and forgive yourself.  Yes, right now.  Then realize you are beautiful in all your successes, in all your failures, in all your life and love the you that is so you.

And in that space of purpose and abundant love, you will come alive.  Light up, light up.   And I speak for the World when I say, I cannot wait to meet you and bask in your shine.



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What Makes You So Great?

Once I was roadtripping with some girlfriends out to Vegas and I got a phone call in regards to a job I had interviewed for, one of the many in my life that I did not get.  In the midst of the call, the hiring manager asks me,

“So, what makes you so great?  What sets you apart from all the other amazing people in this company?”

My mind blurred, did she just say that?  I was appalled, astonished, hurt and well, really angry.  On top of the ego twinge of rejection, now she is asking me what I am worth, who I am and what makes me amazing?  Ugh, the nerve.

Looking back now, I laugh at myself as I did not have an answer.   I don’t think I truly knew what made me great at that point in my life – or really, I don’t think I could voice it, speak to it confidently and truly own my strengths.  I most likely stuttered, on the verge of tears in a rush to get off the phone and just said ‘okay’ as my final answer.  No wonder I did not get the job.  And, rightfully so.  I wasn’t ready.

I know it sounds harsh, but it is really a radical question that we should all know the answer to within 2.7 seconds of someone asking us. 

What really does make you so great? 

What is it that lights you up, then lights others up and makes a difference? 

Why you? 

Why now?

Well, you better go find out…



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Adventure: Self Love

When was the last time you took a bath?

Yes, in a bath tub.  With perhaps a candle burning?  Or a slow, sweet melody by Alexi Murdoch streaming from an iPod? And maybe your sweet someone delivering you a cup of tea (sub red wine, cold crisp beer or beverage of choice) and going to walk the dog and leaving you peace and quiet?

Still going through the memory files?

Stop what you are doing and go do it now.  Or take your agenda book out or computer calendar and mark in there a good hour labeled HOT BATH:  Self Love.

So, I sat in the bath tub last week wondering why it had been most likely over, dare I say, two years since I had immersed myself in bubbles and hot water.  I lay in said tub+bubbles and took a moment to submerge all the way underwater.  Do note, it’s almost eerie in the bathtub as your ears fill with water and you can hear your own breathe, your stomach gurgle and then…there is nothing.  Breathe in.  Breathe out.  Gurgle gurgle.  Breathe.  Breathe.  Peace…. And I realized in that submersion, I had not taken time for me in a very long time – in between the work agenda, conference calls, birthday parties, a recent cross country move, the boyfriend, friends, family phone calls, sweat once a day, dog has to poop, don’t forget to eat lunch, scooter driving permit…you know, the whole life thing we all have going on…

And yes, there it is, the beautiful revelation here is that when you take time for yourself, you actually take time for everyone in your life, everything you are up to and thus, you take time for the whole World.

Side story:  I remember sitting in my living room years ago and my grandparents had come from Indiana to visit me in sunny Santa Monica, California.  My Grandpa, a man of few words in a group setting, sat on the couch and looked at me in conversation and he said, “Jacki, you cannot love anyone else until you learn to love yourself.  You just can’t”. 

I seriously paused time and took a mental snapshot of him dropping this wisdom bomb and furiously took out my mental yellow legal pad and wrote it down…wrote it down probably three times in a row in my head…

You cannot love anyone else until you learn to love yourself.  You just can’t.

You cannot love anyone else until you learn to love yourself.  You just can’t.

You cannot love anyone else until you learn to love yourself.  You just can’t.

I say get in the bathtub.  Right now.  Soak in hot water and bubbles.  Relax.  Love yourself.  Love your body.  Love your life.  Take time for you.

And I know when you step out, you will see.  Oh, you will see. 

Self Love.  Bubbles.  Beautiful.

Self Love.  Bubbles.  Beautiful.

Self Love. Bubbles.  Beautiful.

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