Gratitude. Moustaches. Love.

Happy November to you and you and you!

Rocktober has closed, life has been lived and here we are, Movember uno.

Here they are, the updates:

1)  I am in the midst of training for the Malibu 1/2 Marathon!  10 days to go.  And yes, the boyfriend signed up!  Like I always say, a couple that runs together, stay together.  Or, we are just going to wing it and have the best brunch November 11 has ever seen.  Yes, the sub 2 hour goals still lives!

2)  Fall Soiree.  Happened.

3)  3 day cleanse = fail.  However, I rocked a one day cleanse with JuiceCrafters.  And, I found my accountability partner in my rad friend, Kristina Gong for a 3 day cleanse post 11/11.  She is rocking the Malibu 1/2, too!  Post run, bring on the juice!

4)  Chris and I did not make 2 dates.  Shoot!  Travel schedule, life, sweatpants + flannel… however, we did have one amazing date with delish food, red wine and an impulse purchase including blue leopard print jeans!  I just love love.

5) My blog friends challenged me to not accept any plastic bags for the month.  I can happily say, DONE!  I even carried broccoli in my backpack!  #gogreen

Recap:  October was absolutely unreal.  I goal coached at Yoga Journal Conference in our future life state of Colorado with the boyfriend in the audience, I cheered on one Ironman of a goal crusher at KONA 2012 and swung in a  hammock in Maui, I rocked Seattle with my team of 2 and ran with my sweet pup along the Pacific Ocean often.  I lived a full life this past October.

Let’s do it again!

In the beautiful month of November that is full of gratitude, my favorite people’s birthdays and family love; let’s get intentional here and now:

1)  I raise 500.00 for Movember with my team, “All the Eggs and Bacon You Have”.  Check it:  here.

2)  I am feeling some ink.  #tattoo

3)  I complete the Malibu 1/2 Marathon in sub 2 hours.

4)  Photo Shoot.  Charlie Brown lights.  Holiday Cards to PRINT.  Must happen.

5) goes LIVE by November 30, 2012.

6)  How will you know November?  Tell me about how we can rock gratitude, let’s get accountable!

Inspire me in the comments and share, share, share what you are going to get up to this month!

Let’s live life bigger.  Go!

Gratitude. Moustaches. Love.  November.



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7 responses to “Gratitude. Moustaches. Love.

  1. SHK

    I killed my October goal (13.1!) AND a goal I was saving for 2013 (finished first in my age division)!
    Goals for November:

    Run a little less. Hit the gym more. MORE YOGA.
    Run the Savannah Turkey Trot with friends, enjoy Thanksgiving with family on the beach.
    PACK UP MY FAMILY for our big move to OUR life state, Minnesota.

    Let’s roll.

    • WHAT?! 1st in your age group, your CHAMPION! Congrats to you.
      I am doing the Turkey Trot in Houston, TX with my family, we can exchange notes.
      And the big move to Minnesota, rock on! I love that state! Best people, rad lakes and quality life is what I found there.
      Thanks for sharing!
      Rock and roll! #goalcrush

  2. Love, Love, Love this post! The pumpkin is incredible and your goals are so inspirational. Your November is going to rock!

  3. LOVE THIS!!! Thank you for inspiring me to create my own November goals:

    30 Days Of Yoga–incorporate yoga into every day in November
    3 Day Cleanse–perfect for post-vacation at the end of the month
    Eat plant-based foods at least 80% of my meals
    Be Kinder–to everyone, including myself
    Take notice of all of the beauty around me, inspired by this just started project by Jen Pastiloff–

    Have an amazing month! xx

    • Katie!
      I love these these! I did a 30 day challenge this Spring, let me knwo how it goes!
      Jump on the juice train! Perfect for pre-December!
      Thanks for sharing and let’s rock accountability!
      See you for a sweat soon! xo

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