Let’s ROCKtober!

Hey there over there!  Happy October!

I just love the first day of the month, it feels so fresh and open. 

Update on life from New Years in September: Accountability, here we go:

1)  Paleo Living.  I will say I did really great until this past weekend when my best friend came in town and we sipped a little bit of sweet berry wine (weakness).  Shoot.   I believe I am a more of an “eat Paleo” challenger, not “drink paleo” lifer.

2) Write every day in September on Adventures for Life.  Are you sick of me yet, because this goal is en fuego!  Thank you to my guest contributors that dropped knowledge and shared in the goal.   #iamawriter

3)  Run 2x/week with Chris + Bear = epic FAIL.  I overshot this one big time.  With Chris’ crazy schedule and my love of yoga, spin, crossfit intro classes and hiking, the committed runs took a backseat.

4)  Life brand created. Check.  Sent to print, nope.  Even better, sent to be made into a stamp.  BOOM!  And, I bought a website!  Unveil soon.  #action

5) Volunteer.  Rocked Reading to Kids and picked up trash on California Coastal Clean Up Day with Heal the Bay, Naam Yoga and Whole Foods.  #service

So, that was rad.  My September was full on and full awesome. 

Now, let’s ROCKtober!  Like this:

1)  I train for the Malibu 1/2 Marathon in November.  Goal:  sub 2 hours.  40 days to go!  You with me or what, boyfriend?

2)  Friends + pumpkins + hosting = HAPPY FALLIDAYS!   Fall Soiree to be had in October chez moi.

3)  I complete a 3 day cleanse with JuiceCraftersAny takers?  #accountabilitypartner

4)  Chris and I go on two smokin’ hot dates this month.  NOTE:  No lululemon athletica wardrobe allowed.  #dressup  #tricky

5)  YOU tell me.  In the words of the King of Pop, I Wanna Rock with You!  #inspiredgoals

Share in the comments what you are going to get up to and I will pick a favorite and do it with you!

BOOM!  Let’s ROCKtober! 



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14 responses to “Let’s ROCKtober!

  1. I would love to have an accountability buddy 🙂

    To share few goals with you:
    -I complete Spartan race 2013 in Vegas for my 30th B-day
    -I do crafts from October-December
    -Lululemon approves of my design for SeaWheeze 2013

    Thanks for sharing yours!

  2. In October I don’t use ANY paper or plastic bags. Bring my own reusable bag or no bag at all!

  3. I am pretty pumped about October. I just purchased a new lap top and it feels like a brand new clean slate of life!

    For October:
    -will be joining miss Kathleen up above in only using reusable bags when shopping
    -completing Susan Conrad’s skillshare on goals: author of your life
    -finish reading Daring Greatly
    -train for the Disney Full marathon and an Olympic tri
    -post something everyday on my tumblr http://createandcrush.tumblr.com

    phew! Would love some accountability buddies!

    • dariads

      Hi Jess,
      I’m enrolled in the same class ‘Author your life with goal setting’ we can definitely keep each other accountable with the projects that are due 🙂 and good luck with the training for Full marathon!

      • Just printed out the interview questions. I’ve done these before with my work team mates and I have a pretty good idea of where I still stand with them so I decided to ask the questions to my tri team mates… people whom I spend time with but have not gotten this deep with as of it. I am SO excited/nervous about what they have to share!

    • WOW, congrats on your IRONMAN! Just saw your picture of your smiling face crossing the finish line! Amazing!
      I am so excited you are in the igolu SKILLSHARE! Keep us updated!
      I will totally join the no plastic October, too!

      • Thanks lady! Race weekend was one of the best!
        I am loving skillshare- I log on all the time to poke around. Such a cool concept to connect to people across the world!
        I just put all my reusable shoppers in my car so I have them on a moments notice.

  4. Had to share this blog posted today, as most of you are rocking a race in your goals: http://www.lululemon.com/community/blog/visualize-your-marathon/ #visualize

  5. Liz

    Love this idea!!! I found your blog through BoHo daily.. and i’m super excited to read more… and from just this post, i know i’m gonna find all sort of inspiration here 🙂
    xo~ liz

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