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Look Closer. Patience.

I once had someone send this note to me.

And today, I wanted to send it to you.

Read closer.  Read it again and again.


– Rainer Maria Rilke



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I Love Trees: The Oak

As a child, I grew up under a large Oak Tree in Texas.  The branches stretched far and wide to provide shade not only in my front yard, but out onto my neighborhood block, as well.  It was a strong foundation for a swing and the while annoying to see ‘rake leaves’ on chore list from the Mother force, it was quite a sight to see every Fall.

I remember my sidewalk being covered in these little acorns all the time that fell from the tree.  They were a bear to walk over barefoot and left stains on the concrete.  What I do not think I knew then that I realize now, is those same acorns holds the seeds to the magnificent Oak Tree.  This grand-daddy of a tree staring back at me with roots that crack a sidewalk, branches that reach clear across the street and up in the sky, and a trunk that takes 4 Christmas lights strands alone, came from one tiny acorn.


As time seems to fly by,  I realize I am in such a rush to be one huge, large Oak Tree now, now, now!   And yet, I am reminded by good ol’ Ralph Waldo Emerson, “the creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn”.

How beautiful that the trees know possibility and patience like this.

Oh, how much we can learn from the trees….



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Adventure: Lessons Learned in a Drain

So, we were having some troubles with the shower drain.  If you have ever experienced this mess – it gets ugly and fast.   Soap scum, human hair, dare I say dog hair, sitting water…

Needless to say, it had probably been over 4-5 weeks and I was over it.  And yes, I could wait for the manager of my building to finally send someone over – or I could have not waited around about 3 weeks ago, standing in water every shower – neither here, nor there now.  Well, last night I decided to take care of business.  I put my hair back in a headband, broke out all the cleaning supplies in the house and would not take no for an answer from that shower drain.

You guys, I will leave out the details including multi-purpose cleaner, a cut on thumb from an untwisted wire hanger, elbow grease behind the scrubber, and a total of 37 minutes from start to finish kneeling over the tub’s edge…and just let you all know that I rocked that drain, got my hands dirty and fixed that clog!   When the water started to rush down the drain, I truly felt like Clark Griswold on Christmas Vacation when he finally gets the lights to work and the hallelujah song plays in the background.  Do note: I sang the song in my head as the water flowed.

Yes, it was quite the accomplishment, as I see this blog could read as a self-glorified high five.
But what I wanted to share, I thought back to the past month, my goals failed, stressed communication, holidays, Mercury in retrograde, parking tickets, etc…and realized that some times, life’s situations are a mere reflection of what is going on.  I went there and saw that life can feel like a clogged drain: no movement, obstacles,  hairy situations, waiting for others to fix a problem, all talk and no action…which only then can lead to disbelief, resentment, frustration, irritability, NON-enjoyable showers….you get the idea.  And in life and for this case, my clogged drain, you some times have to take it on yourself – explore any and all options, be willing to get your hands really dirty, know it may take longer than expected and realize the beauty of patience.   Lessons learned in a drain.
I’ll have you know, I am taking this drain clearing and running with it.  My life is open, clear and moving!  Go ahead, take a peek at your life drain.  #getinaction



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