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On Time

When I think of TIME, these come to mind:

* Where does the …. go?     * …. flies.     * Do you have …. for me?     * Quality ….     * I feel stretched for….     * Integrity     * To be on …     * I don’t have any alone ….     * I need to better prioritize my ….     * Right place, right….     *  Father ….     * Give me the … of day!     * I don’t have much …     *  …. after ….  (great song)

And what I realize is:  time is a state of mind.

Time is what I make it.  I own my time.

I have time for you.

Create it.  Expand it.  Beautiful.

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Adventure: Bonnaroo

I recently attended the epic-ness that is Bonnaroo, a music meets art meets awesome festival in the middle of nowhere, also known as Manchester, Tennessee.

I could share with you about the amazing music, the unreal energy of the people and the booze fest that was this life in an RV with  lost credit cards, jean shorts, oversized sunglasses and bandanas on my head.  However, what I really want to share is the amazing space that is vacation.  And by vacation, I mean time off for Y-O-U.

I embarked on this adventure with my best friend, Chris New.   He actually bought my ticket as a birthday present in February.  Upon arrival to the RV we were taking to the fest, inside sitting on the bed was *surprise* my best friend, Alex Christensen.  A trip with best friends in an RV to listen to music with no available cell phone service.  Is this real life?

The answer is yes.  It is real life, because I let it be my life.

NOTE:  Most of my allotted vacation days are spent on family trips to see my sister graduate, celebrate the 4th of July at Grandma’s house or visit my boyfriend’s family at their summer cabin in Wisconsin.  These are my favorite times with family and loved ones.

On another note, I actually cannot remember a time I took a vacation just for me.  Spring Break in college?  Does that event count?

I highly, highly recommend taking some time for you and that unexpected adventure you have been thinking about.  A trip to celebrate, be with friends/family and just be.  For no specific reason or tradition or wedding.  Just be in the time off, perhaps the middle of nowhere, unavailable via mobile or cyber World and utterly and radically available to the present moment.

It energizes you in a different way.   A very different, beautiful and epic way.

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WOW, that was fun!

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Five More Minutes

You know that moment when the alarm goes off early in the morning and you every so intentionally hit the snooze button?

You roll back over and tell yourself, “only five more minutes” and there you are  There you are enveloped in that sweet spot in the bed.  You know what I’m talking about: somehow the sheets are a few degrees cooler there, all the fluff has entangled right where you rolled to and the pillow has never felt so soft.  In this moment, you lose all sense of time; you immediately drift back to the sweetest dreams and just snuggle in feeling every feather of your comforter.

Just five more minutes.

This moment after the snooze button in the sweetest feathery comfort is exactly how I feel with my family.  I snuggle deep into the unconditional love of my parents and feel right at home connecting and  chatting with my younger sisters.  Even my family’s dogs seem to surround me with love and at every opportunity; they lay their head on my shoulder on the love seat in the living room or snuggle up with me in bed at night.  I have absolutely no sense of time and I am comfortable both physically and emotionally.  It really is quite magical and yet, so beautifully ordinary.

The past week, I was enveloped in this magical, beautiful and ordinary family love. We did not go on any crazy roadtrips or hit some extravagant beach.  I honestly rarely left the house…ever.   There was a big breakfast a la Grandpa, a run with my Dad, staying up way past my normal bedtime talking with my sisters, time with my Grandparents, lying by the pool reading with my Mother, a family gathering with the perfect amount of summer time beverages outdoors, and a lot, a lot of laughter.

And when the moment came to pack my suitcase today and head back to my sunny home in California with my own loving dog and my hot boyfriend, I had an urge to press snooze again, just five more minutes in the sweet spot that is my family love.

Just five more minutes.



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Blogger’s NOTE:  I have no idea who to credit this to, but I had to share.  If you created this, I credit you and thank you.

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For Me and For You

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Adventure: Lesson Learned in Yoga

I love when actions, moments or practices can truly unfold or unravel your entire life.  Beautiful metaphors, if you will.   Flip back a few blog pages and recall the post titled, lessons learned in a drain?  Similar to that.

So as the lights dimmed this evening in the humid room, I lay absolutely drenched on my yoga mat after the hour and a half power flow + deep holds and I noticed a few great life lessons and reminders from my yoga practice.  Great messages around stress layers, breathing, gratitude. One that hit home today was the subtle reminder, be it from a lack of smooth breathe, a twitch in the knee, or perhaps a grind of the teeth throughout the flow…”Don’t force it.  Just don’t.”

Words of wisdom from my brain (or more so, my heart) to my sweating body.

I have been truly feeling my yoga practice lately.  I have recognized my love for Child’s Pose, my disregard for that extra vinyasa and letting it flow back to my dear ol’ friend, downdog, my ability to breathe into deeper movement, and my attention to detail and form that takes me to another level.  It is a more committed practice than I have ever known.  One that is choice based.   One that is opening, strong and peaceful.

I take a step off the mat tonight and realize the correlation to my life.  My slow ability to love myself, the self-awareness that exists, the nurturing forgiveness and patience I am continuing to work on, as well as the full deep breath that is more readily available in everyday life on and off the mat.   I am more aligned and in tune with my very own body than ever before and seem to have realized a true enjoyment of time.  I feel strong and peaceful.  It feels so delicious.

And in lite of the realization, I turn the life pages back a few chapters and recall my time on the mat just a few years ago; it was rigid, forceful, sporadic and non-committal.  There was a stench of  ego that would not allow me to child’s pose and make me remain a competitor in yoga…I know, it is an oxymoron.  All of them are, really.  And I see how my life at that point, was led that way – forceful, battling to the death with the ego, pushing and pushing (to excel, to be right, to win) and where was the breathe – was I choking?   Unaware, a bit lost and going through the motions.  I feel tired thinking about it.

Quite amazing how life shows up in so many places to show you the way, bring you back home, bring you to peace, and bring you to joy.

Take a deeper dive into your forward fold, your clogged drain or the many life moments.  Maybe you will see….

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Adventure: Self Love

When was the last time you took a bath?

Yes, in a bath tub.  With perhaps a candle burning?  Or a slow, sweet melody by Alexi Murdoch streaming from an iPod? And maybe your sweet someone delivering you a cup of tea (sub red wine, cold crisp beer or beverage of choice) and going to walk the dog and leaving you peace and quiet?

Still going through the memory files?

Stop what you are doing and go do it now.  Or take your agenda book out or computer calendar and mark in there a good hour labeled HOT BATH:  Self Love.

So, I sat in the bath tub last week wondering why it had been most likely over, dare I say, two years since I had immersed myself in bubbles and hot water.  I lay in said tub+bubbles and took a moment to submerge all the way underwater.  Do note, it’s almost eerie in the bathtub as your ears fill with water and you can hear your own breathe, your stomach gurgle and then…there is nothing.  Breathe in.  Breathe out.  Gurgle gurgle.  Breathe.  Breathe.  Peace…. And I realized in that submersion, I had not taken time for me in a very long time – in between the work agenda, conference calls, birthday parties, a recent cross country move, the boyfriend, friends, family phone calls, sweat once a day, dog has to poop, don’t forget to eat lunch, scooter driving permit…you know, the whole life thing we all have going on…

And yes, there it is, the beautiful revelation here is that when you take time for yourself, you actually take time for everyone in your life, everything you are up to and thus, you take time for the whole World.

Side story:  I remember sitting in my living room years ago and my grandparents had come from Indiana to visit me in sunny Santa Monica, California.  My Grandpa, a man of few words in a group setting, sat on the couch and looked at me in conversation and he said, “Jacki, you cannot love anyone else until you learn to love yourself.  You just can’t”. 

I seriously paused time and took a mental snapshot of him dropping this wisdom bomb and furiously took out my mental yellow legal pad and wrote it down…wrote it down probably three times in a row in my head…

You cannot love anyone else until you learn to love yourself.  You just can’t.

You cannot love anyone else until you learn to love yourself.  You just can’t.

You cannot love anyone else until you learn to love yourself.  You just can’t.

I say get in the bathtub.  Right now.  Soak in hot water and bubbles.  Relax.  Love yourself.  Love your body.  Love your life.  Take time for you.

And I know when you step out, you will see.  Oh, you will see. 

Self Love.  Bubbles.  Beautiful.

Self Love.  Bubbles.  Beautiful.

Self Love. Bubbles.  Beautiful.

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