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Mind Games | Perspective Change

I will never, ever be a foot model.

I have very imperfect feet.  They are somewhat wide and always dry.  Can I write the word, ‘bunion’ without cringing at the judgement that might ensue?  And, don’t even get me started on the toenails.  I just do not have pretty feet.

And thus, I love light blue toenails.  Rarely will you ever see my feet not painted.  I figure it has to help, even just a little bit and it is fun.

Well, this week, my big toenail on the right foot had a minor set back in pedicure life, as she is 1/2 gone.  I saw all the tell-tell signs that she was going to go and fast – but I just covered it up with blue nail polish and hoped no one would notice.  This week was her final straw.

I sat in the bathroom looking at my very ugly toe and thinking to myself that this used to be my favorite foot.  Yes, I have a  preference.  Right foot, no longer.  Anyways, I call my boyfriend in to share the news, as I would rather show him myself, than him be looking at my feet and utterly grossed out in next moment.

He walks in, sees my face of sadness + stress and bends down to look at my foot.  He says:

“Babe, listen.  Your feet are a true reflection of how awesome you are and what you get up to every day.  You run, you hike, you yoga, you beach….  If you had perfect feet, well, I am not sure I would be into that.  So, I think it looks cooler that way!”

And, he walked out.  Just like that.

I smile at this attempt and choose to play his mind game for perspective change.  I see the feet as ugly no more, and choose to see these feet as one epic mirage of adventures.

Less stress, more mind games to rock a perspective change!



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Make the Heart Beat. Faster.

As of late, I have been biting that life bullet.

As I stared at the cash register at REI and made a large purchase on radical multi-day backpacks,




Did I put them on a credit card for a hot minute and to not freak out about the larger purchase?  The answer is undoubtedly ‘yes’.

Am I in any way advising you to put your life adventures on credit?  The answer is undoubtedly ‘no’.    Well, ‘maybe’.

However, am I so excited to be leaving on an epic camping trip with my boyfriend tomorrow evening to Colorado filled with hiking, hot springs, rodeos, s’mores and big open star-filled skies, the land of my future life?  Again, the answer is undoubtedly ‘yes’.

Please, please, please live a life that lights you up.

Go on adventures with people you love, love, love.

And, be up to something epic.

Why not?

Do, be, say, rock out to something that makes your heart beat faster!


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Accept. Commit. Create. Repeat.

I have an absolute confession to make.

I fell off the wagon.

If you will recall my adventure of the 30 day yoga challenge a couple month’s ago, I was committed.  I felt my body open, my heart open and my practice evolve.  I made time in each day for yoga.

At the end of 30 days, I celebrated and rejoiced.  I honestly was very proud of myself and was ready to hop into my next challenge.  I just could not find one.  So, I fell off the committment wagon.  I kind of flounced in and out of classes, a couple jogs with the dog here and there.  And I felt the eratic-ness that was my health life begin to ebb and flow into my life life.

I attended yoga this morning.  Crick, crack, crick; I was tight as a brand new rubber band.  Where had my flexibility gone?  Hips, are you made of cement?  Where was plow pose – are you okay back there, spine?

In understanding that I had taken time off, so did my body.

We all need a break.  I get it.   And I took a moment this morning to totally accept right where I was on my mat.  Tight.  Beautiful.  Present.

However, upon leaving class, I realized that when you commit fully to a practice, to an adventure, to a new commitment, you are in deep and you are focused.  You make epic sh*t happen and you don’t let anything get in the way.

Similar to life.

It is fine to take a  breather.  But for me, I get lazy.  I said it, I get lazy.  I stray too far away from what I want most and then it seems the trek back is so long and hard.

And then I remember, I always have choice.  The choice to re-commit and make time for what I want, what I really, really want in this life.  And, then do it.  Start now.


Every day.

So truly, where are you in your commitments?

Accept.  Commit.  Create your life.  Repeat.

neon pink post-it commitments

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Talkin’ About a Revolution

Today is the day to free your mind.

Let go of the ‘need to do’ and ‘should have dones’.

Stand in the present and truly exist as your most real self.

Become so absolutely free, you rebel, you!



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gentle reminder:

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What Do You Do?

I am in the midst of creating business cards that are really life cards.

So, not necessarily my 9am-5pm business life on a card, but the “what I am up to with my big, amazing life” card.

That way, when we meet one evening at a party and you shake my hand and ask the question that we always ask to keep the conversation alive and engaging, “Nice to meet you.  (pause)  So, what do you do?”

I can hand you a life card and say, “Oh me?  I am the Mad Hatter“.

Here is how the back of the card I hand you will read:


I cannot wait to meet you!  What will your big, amazing life card read?


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The Ride of Letting Go

Remember when you were a kid and that freedom you found in two wheels?  The ultimate sense of accomplishment once you had your training wheels off the bike and you could go anywhere (within yelling distance of the house, that is).  I recall testing the waters and riding with one hand on my bike.  “Look Mom and Dad, one hand!”  Then, I remember trying to ride with no hands.  I would slow the wheels way down and take both hands very cautiously and hover for 1.7 seconds right over the handlebars, then immediately back down.  Phew.  Then I would linger with both hands all the way to 3 seconds.  Back down.  It was so scary and oh, so invigorating to dance in between the lines of comfortable control and the adventurous unknown.

As I have grown, I wonder what happens when you don’t want to let go of the handlebars of control?  Ever?

I often feel that I am driving this bike of life and I just cannot take my hands off the handlebars.  I want to meticulously audit and monitor every turn, every action and every goal.  Why do I do that?  When I sit here and think about it, I feel it is because I don’t want to get hurt, fall down and fail, or perhaps, the absolute fear of the unknown.  If I know exactly what is going to happen and where I am going with my hands properly placed on the handlebar, then I can truly plan out my happiness.  Forever.  Right?

Wait, what about the beauty of the unexpected?  How do I dwell in the shine of possibility and remain open, if I am stuck in my own controlling plans?  What might happen if I take the road less traveled or perhaps veer off my carefully charted life course?  Or even let go and *gasp* let my heart drive, not my hands?  Let *double gasp* trust and faith in the my body, my listening, God and the Universe drive?

I close my eyes and recall that moment when I went 10 feet with no hands.  I truly trusted my body, trusted myself and really let go.  When I see myself there on that purple Huffy bike in my neighborhood, both scared and excited.  And, I see that I was sitting straight up, no hands – literally leading with the heart.  It is beautiful.

So, why am I riding with both hands on the handlebar when playing with the 3 second handlebar hover is an invigorating life adventure?

I think it is time to let go, take both hands off the bar, and trust that I know my body, I believe in my choices and I will be in the right place at the right time, because I will arrive by leading with my big, juicy and open heart.

“Look, look Mom and Dad, no hands!”

Now, is this what being present feels like?

I say, just Let. go.


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