I Love Trees: the Sequoia Trees

I believe Sequoia Trees to be my favorite of all the trees.

Full of wisdom.  Purpose.  So resilient.  Strong.  Old and powerful.

I was once on an adventure in the Giant Forest that is Sequoia National Park in Northern California.  I remember standing in utter awe underneath these giant trees that reach into the sky as if to almost touch the sun, with the most gnarly roots dug deep into the Earth’s soil.  There are some you can drive through, others that have lived over 1,000 years withstanding fire, rain and nature’s powerful forces and some fallen.

These are epic trees.

I overheard a tour guide nearby me on that trip sharing about these giant Sequoias.  He said the trees that grow near one another are the strongest, their roots intertwine, they can lean on one another for support and grow taller and taller and taller, together.

And, I thought to myself, how beautiful that the trees know support, foundation and love like that.

Oh, how much we can learn from the trees….



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4 responses to “I Love Trees: the Sequoia Trees

  1. Hannah B

    My family used to take regular vacations to the Sequoias, and they have always reminded me of my grandfather, who was strong and weathered on the outside, but with his inner youth still intact in his core. He was and still is the roots of my family, from which all of our relationships have grown deep into the soil. Thank you for reminding me about these majestic and awesome trees. I share your love for them!

    • Hannah,
      I just got goosebumps reading your comment, these trees are just like Grandpa’s. Wisdom, strength, weathered but so strong!
      So beautiful. Doesn’t nature just rock?
      Thank you for remindig me.

  2. Grace Willson

    Last night I was feeling the deepest sadness missing my son Dylan, Hannah’s cousin, who was killed 4 years ago in a car accident. I asked him to send me some sign- anything. This morning I received an email from Hannah sharing your beautiful words. Dylan and I along with Hannah’s family and my dad spent time among these giants. I feel your post was a reminder from Dylan. At my dad’s passing Dylan wrote ” the other night I was thinking about this man I love, and it came to me that he is so like the giant redwoods that he so loved to walk among. I am reminded of his strength when I look upon the deep red bark which is resistant not only to pests but virtually repels all fire. Occasionally the tree must suffer, but the redwoods are notorious for growing right over their old wounds with voracity. I am reminded of his love when I think about the heartwood from which all of the rings grow out in a circle – one for each year of growth. The heartwood is in the very center of the tree and, like my grandfather’s heart, it is the most beautiful part.”
    Thank you for letting me share and for the strength your words gave me to face this day.

    • Grace,
      Thank you for sharing this beautiful post.
      I can tell from his writing and from you, Dylan was and will always be very special, along with your Father, the heartwood.
      So much to learn from the trees.
      Sending you love today and everyday,
      Jacki Carr

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