My Uber Geek Out StarStruck Moment was Today: Brene Brown

Today is the day I met Brene Brown.  Yes, that is number 87 on my Bucket List and it happened.


Now, I have watched her TED talk on the Power of Vulnerability about 7 + times and read her book, The Gifts of Imperfection twice over with post-it notes sticking out and underlining in each guidepost/chapter.

In my own words, she is a gamechanger.

Meeting her today was a goal come true.  One that I posted on my Bucket List and had absolutely no idea how to get there.  One that I had to share, share, share.  One that I had to be vulnerable and somewhat unreasonable to make happen.  One that people truly supported me with.  And sometimes, goals rock that way.

So,  I live in Los Angeles, and I had to fly to Houston, TX for starstruck.  Ironic.  Brene is honest.  Real.  And you can feel her work in action.  In our time today, she reminded me what it means to forgive fast and be human.  She is such a  radical stand for who she is – and that is courageous and beautiful.  She is so Texan, and I felt that in myself.  And, she is FUN!  I told her, “Brene, for real, you are epic.  Own that”.  And, she said thanks.

I feel grateful.  I feel inspired.  I feel goals alive.

Write down your goals.  Set them really big and juicy.  Share them.  Surround yourself with amazing people who rock possibility.   Create your life and stay inspired.  #joblove  #lifelove



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4 responses to “My Uber Geek Out StarStruck Moment was Today: Brene Brown

  1. What an amazing experience that must have been!! Treat of a lifetime.

  2. There really is no moment that I am not inspired by you miss carr and this undoubtedly happened because the goodness in you drew the goodness in her and then BAM-magic amazing people meetin’ in the street. Thrilled for you and, as always, totally inspired. Gotta get me that book now, too!

    • so sweet! and you know I highly recommend the book. My favorite guidepost: is on pg. 99, titled Cultivating Play and Rest: Letting Go of Exhaustion as a Status Symbol and Productivity as Self Worth. #inspired

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