On Time

When I think of TIME, these come to mind:

* Where does the …. go?     * …. flies.     * Do you have …. for me?     * Quality ….     * I feel stretched for….     * Integrity     * To be on …     * I don’t have any alone ….     * I need to better prioritize my ….     * Right place, right….     *  Father ….     * Give me the … of day!     * I don’t have much …     *  …. after ….  (great song)

And what I realize is:  time is a state of mind.

Time is what I make it.  I own my time.

I have time for you.

Create it.  Expand it.  Beautiful.

Photo:  Capitol Hill Neighborhood, Seattle, WA



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One response to “On Time

  1. I absolutely agree!! Time is nothing and everything at the same time. We always have enough time. It is never limited.

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