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Out There.

My heart hurts when I read the news today and every day.

It feels cold, dark and scary out there.

I feel my sisters’ hearts. I feel my parents’ hearts.  I feel.

I love harder and I hug closer.

Perspective is unreal. Unreal.

Blame games, selfish plights and small fights feel what they are, small.

It is in every single one of us, every single day, to be great.

To choose great. To radiate.

When I see you, I will hug you.  Please hug me back.

My heart pressed to your heart.

Share more. Love more. Be more.

Touch more. Laugh more. Cry more.

Start feeling more.

Now is the time.



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Mind Games | Perspective Change

I will never, ever be a foot model.

I have very imperfect feet.  They are somewhat wide and always dry.  Can I write the word, ‘bunion’ without cringing at the judgement that might ensue?  And, don’t even get me started on the toenails.  I just do not have pretty feet.

And thus, I love light blue toenails.  Rarely will you ever see my feet not painted.  I figure it has to help, even just a little bit and it is fun.

Well, this week, my big toenail on the right foot had a minor set back in pedicure life, as she is 1/2 gone.  I saw all the tell-tell signs that she was going to go and fast – but I just covered it up with blue nail polish and hoped no one would notice.  This week was her final straw.

I sat in the bathroom looking at my very ugly toe and thinking to myself that this used to be my favorite foot.  Yes, I have a  preference.  Right foot, no longer.  Anyways, I call my boyfriend in to share the news, as I would rather show him myself, than him be looking at my feet and utterly grossed out in next moment.

He walks in, sees my face of sadness + stress and bends down to look at my foot.  He says:

“Babe, listen.  Your feet are a true reflection of how awesome you are and what you get up to every day.  You run, you hike, you yoga, you beach….  If you had perfect feet, well, I am not sure I would be into that.  So, I think it looks cooler that way!”

And, he walked out.  Just like that.

I smile at this attempt and choose to play his mind game for perspective change.  I see the feet as ugly no more, and choose to see these feet as one epic mirage of adventures.

Less stress, more mind games to rock a perspective change!


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