Mind Games | Perspective Change

I will never, ever be a foot model.

I have very imperfect feet.  They are somewhat wide and always dry.  Can I write the word, ‘bunion’ without cringing at the judgement that might ensue?  And, don’t even get me started on the toenails.  I just do not have pretty feet.

And thus, I love light blue toenails.  Rarely will you ever see my feet not painted.  I figure it has to help, even just a little bit and it is fun.

Well, this week, my big toenail on the right foot had a minor set back in pedicure life, as she is 1/2 gone.  I saw all the tell-tell signs that she was going to go and fast – but I just covered it up with blue nail polish and hoped no one would notice.  This week was her final straw.

I sat in the bathroom looking at my very ugly toe and thinking to myself that this used to be my favorite foot.  Yes, I have a  preference.  Right foot, no longer.  Anyways, I call my boyfriend in to share the news, as I would rather show him myself, than him be looking at my feet and utterly grossed out in next moment.

He walks in, sees my face of sadness + stress and bends down to look at my foot.  He says:

“Babe, listen.  Your feet are a true reflection of how awesome you are and what you get up to every day.  You run, you hike, you yoga, you beach….  If you had perfect feet, well, I am not sure I would be into that.  So, I think it looks cooler that way!”

And, he walked out.  Just like that.

I smile at this attempt and choose to play his mind game for perspective change.  I see the feet as ugly no more, and choose to see these feet as one epic mirage of adventures.

Less stress, more mind games to rock a perspective change!



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4 responses to “Mind Games | Perspective Change

  1. Anna

    I could use your boyfriend! You should try white nail polish! I like the look on the feet, somehow makes the whole concept of feet more.. elegant? In a way.
    This is totally of topic but I actually had a guy ask me why I would paint my toenails in a nude/light pink since it`s nail-color. “It`s a little nice than nail-uglyness” I said.

  2. shel

    ok quick fix, I didn’t do this but a friend did take a skin colored bandaid put around toe and paint the top the same color as your polish in other words make it look like a toe nail,she pulled it off a whole box of bandaids later.good luck.I have a foot issue I don’t like them.nobody has pretty feet I don’t care what anybody says.
    Later love ya Shel

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