Soap Scum, Worst Chore Ever

Today, I found myself kneeling over the tub, scrubbing my life away on some gnarly soap scum.  I had this eco-friendly scum remover, a bristly sponge and some elbow grease.  Like laundry or a budget, I wonder why we let it build up and how we even stand it?  Have I really been showering in here?  Am I clean?  Ever?

And then, I started to compare soap scum to life, as I do.  I thought about the build up of stress, tension or fear that comes from lingering conversation that need to be had or old stories we might hold on to.  Just like soap scum, these continue to become more gross, harder to remove and just a pain in the ass.

As I knelt over the tub, scrubbing and rinsing and repeating, bits began to come off and release.  Of course, I found more than I had hoped for once I really got in there, seems to come with the territory.  Yes, I am talking about the soap scum in the shower and the soap scum of life.  However, the minor celebrations and sense of relief with one corner down and three to go, did feel amazing.

Now, I love motivation and rewards.  Call me an achiever, I needed something to work for.  My reward after cleaning the bathroom was a full afternoon with my feet in the sand, a book and me.   Just have to get there, three more corners to go.

At one point, I had to let this remover substance sit for a little bit and busy myself with a Swiffer or something.  I’m talking sticky scum.  Again, how?

So, yes, I finally finished. And let me tell you what, once I got to the beach, it was glorious.  I placed my towel and chair in the sand, set out my ice water and jumped right into that Pacific Ocean.

And, I finally feel clean.

Feeling soap scumm-y?  Have a dirty shower, a conversation that needs to be had, or perhaps a story to let go of?  Do it now.

I say, the transition to Fall is the perfect time to clean it up, rinse it off, jump in the Ocean and start fresh and so clean, clean.





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4 responses to “Soap Scum, Worst Chore Ever

  1. Hi Jacki,

    Time and time again I’m amazed by your creative writing and how often you do it. I’ll never ‘feel clean’ if I dont ask this question… Where do you find the time?
    Between work, relationship, dog, and hobbies just to name few. I have such a busy life with the exact things I mentioned above that I have hard time being creative but when I do, I’m so good at it that makes me very proud.

    It would be so nice to clean up, rinse off and start all over again in the right order with all the things that matter the most to me.

    So what’s your secret? 🙂

    • Haha, Hi Daria!
      Thanks for the note.
      I believe the secret sauce is a beautiful combination of prioritizing and knowing exactly what I want to be up to, every day. It definitely takes organization, the ability to say yes AND no, and there are days (and months) where the creativity and writing takes a backseat.
      Hence, the Septmeber commitments.
      I definitely have loved ones that keep me in check and I would say when you want something, you make the time stretch. No longer is time linear, but more so it goes in every direction in who, how, and where I fill my day.
      I have a fun thing to share with you, email me at yourlifeadventures(at)gmail(dot)com.
      xoxo, Jacki

  2. I love a good analogy. This one was tops, JC. 🙂

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