I am Grateful for…


Time with friends.  Time with family.  Time in the sun.  Time with love.

Spend your time wisely!  Rock the choice!



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2 responses to “I am Grateful for…

  1. “Time and seasons are simply ways by which we measure the tenure of existence. We can’t “manage” time any more than we can stop the seasons; we can only make decisions about what we do while swimming in time’s relentless current.
    Try replacing the word “time” with the word “existence.” Or think of “time” as a linguistic scapegoat, sacrificed in substitution of this truth: we can not spend time, waste time, or invest time … We can only spend, waste, or invest our existence.”

    – James Shelley (from Ideas, Footnotes, and Revelations)

    Interesting perspective, yah?

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