Goals Alive

Yesterday evening, I was running down the street towards the Pacific Ocean with my boyfriend and sweet dog. I had a bumping 80’s song blaring in the ear buds, the sun was shining through clouds with a random lite rain and I internally smiled to the visual of my beautiful family sweating together.

We slow our jog as we approach a red stoplight and a woman dressed in neon catches up with us at the corner. I glance at her as a fellow friendly runner.  Pause.  Look away. We recognize each other from somewhere and we glance back again. I remove an ear bud, as does she, and we re-introduce ourselves.

We had actually met at a goal coaching event I had led at a local lululemon store a few months back (my goals). She had been there, vocal and sharing her goals with the audience. One of her goals shared that evening was to complete the Malibu Triathlon (Olympic distance) in September of this year.

One big, juicy + sweaty goal.

And lo and behold, there she was. There we were. Running. Crossing life paths in a moment in time.  As we exchanged names again, she shared that she had just taught a spin class and was out for her run – training for that goal, for that Malibu Olympic Triathlon!



Very awesome to literally run into a goal that she had declared in a space in time.  And even more so, very epic that I was leading that event, living into my goals when she had committed.

Goals freakin’ alive!


Sweaty Family


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