Make the Heart Beat. Faster.

As of late, I have been biting that life bullet.

As I stared at the cash register at REI and made a large purchase on radical multi-day backpacks,




Did I put them on a credit card for a hot minute and to not freak out about the larger purchase?  The answer is undoubtedly ‘yes’.

Am I in any way advising you to put your life adventures on credit?  The answer is undoubtedly ‘no’.    Well, ‘maybe’.

However, am I so excited to be leaving on an epic camping trip with my boyfriend tomorrow evening to Colorado filled with hiking, hot springs, rodeos, s’mores and big open star-filled skies, the land of my future life?  Again, the answer is undoubtedly ‘yes’.

Please, please, please live a life that lights you up.

Go on adventures with people you love, love, love.

And, be up to something epic.

Why not?

Do, be, say, rock out to something that makes your heart beat faster!



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