Adventure: 30 Day Yoga Challenge

This week, I completed day 30 of a self committed 30 Day Yoga Challenge.

As I reflect, this is what I see:

1)  I think I cracked my sternum bone.  The sternum is the flattened bone located in the center of your chest right in front of your heart.  I woke up almost every day of my challenge, with that center bone feeling sore, stretched and stimulated – as if my heart was knocking on the back door.  A subtle yet obvious reminder to keep my heart open on the regular.

2)  I went in to the challenge with expectations.  I thought to myself, I will rock out Bird of Paradise and an amazing handstand by the end of this challenge.  Well, I cannot.  On about day 4, my left hip locked up and the Universe requested that I slow my sh*t down.   Beautiful life lessons were available and open, once the expectations of performance were dropped.   Write this down:  expectations wreck possibility.

3)  With the slower theme, I found myself trying new styles of yoga.  I ventured to yin classes, I practiced at home with my yoga mat, a candle and my dog via and I joined a meditation class at a local studio.  I met new and amazing teachers, people and I explored my body in different styles.  An adventure of yoga, really.  I expanded in new ways.  Remind yourself to venture into the unknown some times.  I sent a card once that read “Life Starts at the End of Your Comfort Zone” – and let me tell you, there was some uncomfortable in that Meditation class.  Ram, ram, ram, ram….

4)  I now feel a deeper connection with my teachers.  To rock my accountability, I committed to certain classes and teachers through the weeks and my cracked open heart gives thanks to the beautiful sequencing, the unreal wisdom and the welcoming love of  Mia Togo, Mary Beth Larue, Kyra Anastasia and Hala Khouri.  It was a beautiful reminder that every student has a teacher, and every teacher has their students.

5)  I practiced yoga for me.  When I was on the mat, I was in my body.  I was alive.  Stop looking around, go inside and feel you.

6)  My Savasanahs throughout the 30 days were UNREAL.  I literally transported to a different space where time melts and for a moment, there is silence in my mind.  Most of my teachers allow for a longer savasanah and it truly allows for the release, the let go and the movement of the practice to settle in.  For 30 days I took 5 minutes a day to do nothing, lay flat and breathe, that is beautiful.

7)  I love the commitment.  30 days of yoga in a row is a big commitment.  Where will I find the time?  How will I fit it all in?  But when you truly decide to commit, you don’t miss a beat and you begin to feel the subtle beauty of commitment and achievement.  You begin to consider:  how, perhaps could this be possible in other areas of my life?  Explore your commitments and be true to yourself.

8)  Accountability works.  I completed the challenge with my best friend who lives in Indiana.  We had specific rules to follow and we would check in with one another often.  I could not miss a class when I knew she has already gone to her class that morning.  Find a friend and commit together.

9)  Yoga is a beautiful practice.  The body movement, the power of breath, the open heart space, the tranquil mind…. It has shifted me.  Find you version of yoga (be it running, cooking, reading, making delicious lattes…) and feel the shift.

10) And finally, I sit here and ponder the next 30 day challenge?  I feel invigorated, confident and excited with my heart wide open ready to commit to something inspiring – what will it be?

Press Play:  Fun TED talk about 30 day challenges:  HERE

What is something new you have wanted to try that you could commit to for 30 days?

Heart Wide Open.

What are you waiting for?




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9 responses to “Adventure: 30 Day Yoga Challenge

  1. Jacki- I’m doing my own 30-day challenge (Yoga Every Day for the Month of May), as well! Girl, this post wast right on time! It’s astounding how the resources you need show up once you commit to challenging yourself. It’s like all of a sudden, your brain goes into SURVIVAL mode, sniffing out every opportunity/inspiration to help you prepare for what’s ahead. Or that the universe keeps giving you little, silent, nudges forward… Small signs that you might otherwise dismiss if you aren’t truly into “it.” (…Or a helpful blog post conveniently pops up on your FB book news feed.)

    Every day, I ask myself how I can make this yoga challenge happen and every day I get a little clue as to HOW I will make it happen. I’m super scared and pumped for May 1 and have no idea what I will encounter (so psyched!) – at the very least I am relieved that I will be have to make some much needed time for myself. I love the idea of having a friend to do it with too, great suggestion. Love your blog, btw, I talk it up on the regular 🙂

    • I am so excited for you!
      When you are committed, you will make it happen.
      And I could not agree more about the Universal nudges, if we are listening, they are always there!
      Thank you for the blog love, I am so honored!

  2. Congratulations! Believe me, I know how hard you worked! It is truly amazing what you can discover about yourself and your practice when you complete a challenge like this. I’m also looking for my next challenge, let me know what you come up with!

  3. That is awesome! I am currently on Day 7 of a 30 day yoga challenge that may translate into a 60 day challenge. I joined a 30 day yoga challenge group online. I am not exactly the hardest working or “competitive” with my yoga, but I am doing what I can.

  4. Your journey sounds amazing! Well, except for the sternum issues. I hope it feels better soon.
    I just started my first 30 day yoga challenge on Monday! It was exactly 30 days before I graduate my MBA and then leave for Rome for 2 weeks, so the timing seemed perfect! I’m doing it alone, but I made a custom calendar where I record the class I go to each day to keep me accountable. I also have my boyfriend who cheers me on and comes with me when he can. It’s amazing how forcing yourself to take that hour for yourself everyday makes you more efficient and organized. Somehow I’m fitting more in less time and still feel great! Today is day four and I’m taking my first outdoor yoga class tonight at the beach. I’m also encouraging all my friends to come and take a class with me before the month is over. Behold the power of goals!

    • So inspiring!
      Check this, you will finish your MBA, complete a 30 day challenge and be packing for Rome in the same day. Talk about living a life you love.
      I feel it and I am inspired!
      Thank you for sharing and I could not agree mot about fitting more into what might once seemed like less time. It is amazing how commitment to an activity you love can give you even more energy (and time) for everything else. I also utilized twitter to account for my days with a hashtag of #yogalove30. It was fun to see the progress and share the journey there, as well!
      I say, challenges – bring it on!

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