Right Place. Right Time.

You know the saying, “Oh, I got lucky, I was just in the right place at the right time”?

I have heard it over and over again and it is always in story telling of experiences that have happened in the past.   And, the phrase is often coupled with luck, nostalgia and a pinch of fear.

Weird pattern.

Here are my questions to you:  What if we owned our moments?  What if we knew our experience and our choices as the right place at the right time…right as they were happening?  What if before we walked into an event, leaned in for that first kiss, or stepped onto our yoga mat, we said gently to ourselves, “Yes, I am in the right place at the exact right time, because I have arrived”.  We would let go of the judgement, shut off the inner mind’s self-sabotage conversation, and be open to the possibilities provided.  Talk about confidence in your next step, a lighter breath of air and a beautiful understanding of your body in time in space.

Is this what being present feels like?

I am leading a goal coaching event tomorrow at a yoga festival in Santa Monica.  Let me tell you something, give me a Flip Chart, colorful Sharpie markers and a microphone and I come alive in the realm of sharing goals.  Parts of me unleash that I did not even know existed and I am deep in the fire of my life’s passion pit.  So why, on the eve before the speaking day, do I sit here with my old friends:  anxiety, doubt and fear?  As if my living room shifted the weather vane and here comes the looming dark cloud of “I’m not good enough”.

Why?  Why?  Why?

I’m not having it.  So, here is my declaration right now.  I am going to walk into that tent and rock that event tomorrow.  I am owning that I am in the right place at the right time.  This is exactly what I love to do, this is where my passion pit lights on fire and this is when I am in most service to the World being my most radical self.

Do you hear that Universe?  Its happening and I am so aware.

Right place.  Right time.

I have arrived!



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7 responses to “Right Place. Right Time.

  1. Navi

    Mmm, that’s 100% true, but I think it’s residue left over from an extremely Christian society/upbringing. Many Pagans and Muslims I know don’t have this “I’m not good enough / I don’t deserve this” complex.
    In order to unwind the knot we’ve made (or been taught to make) our whole lives, I find that confrontation is best. Often I’m scared of not being good enough because I’m afraid of losing that opportunity. I just have to find where exactly the problem is, and shine some light on that area. Obviously, the people who hired you believed in you enough to invite you to that yoga festival – so they know you can do it, why don’t you too? 🙂

  2. Good vibes are flying at ya from across the pond!
    Rock it like only you know how to do! WAHOO!

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