Mind Where You Matter

What if I could be truly in this moment right here, right now?

What if I could stop thinking about work?

What if I could step out of the yesterdays?

Or even, stop trying to step so far into the tomorrrows?

And, what if I could stop being upset about my left hip being tweaked for the past three days?

What if I could choose patience?

What if I could enjoy my deep buddah belly breathe, without nagging about the incredible amount of trail mix and peanut butter cups I ate today?

Or, what if I really could zone out in Savasanah on my bold blue yoga mat?

What if I stopped the rushing?

What if I really did believe my yoga teacher when she told me that right here, right now is exactly where I am supposed to be?

What if I smiled, right now?

And what if I truly recognized the beauty of my life, my breathe, my big, beating heart?

What if I tuned in to today?

Took time to be grateful, not hateful?

Considered that in this moment, I better make up my mind?

What if….





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