Did You Enjoy Your Story?

I recently returned from Joshua Tree National Park for an overnight camping trip.  Tents, s’mores, stars, friends, love, fresh air, no phone service and big, jumbo rocks in the desert.


I look back at the photos and truly fall in love…in love with my life, the love of my boyfriend, the friends, the s’mores and my big beautiful state of adventure.  I fall in love with my story and only want more chapters, more travel, more love….  #createabundance

Another story that inspired me, seriously watch this link:  http://vimeo.com/36519586

And then ask the question:  did you enjoy your story?

Get to writing YOUR life.  And I say, make it a page turner.


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One response to “Did You Enjoy Your Story?

  1. I’m just here to say that one of my favorite running songs, currently, is “Home” by Marc Broussard, and any time I hear it, I am reminded of that awesome show in Bloomington that we both happened to attend, and I remember you & your friend dancing in sweatpants and having the best time. It’s a mental image that I think captures you so well. Also, thinking of any kick-ass lady while I’m running always gives me a boost, so thanks for that. 😉

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