Adventure: Locks of Love

I went short so another child can go long.

This past Saturday, I found myself seated in a beautiful white salon chair staring at my long hair in the mirror – going through the normal worries of cutting all my hair off.

I took my long side braid out and told my hipster stylist, its time.  I am chopping it ALL off for the Locks of Love organization.  And she began to braid my hair in 4 sections.

I have to tell you, I have great hair.  It is only the truth.  I have super thick, all-natural brown, straight hair that has some shine.  These locks don’t lie.  Thus, when I looked in the mirror with my long hair that ALWAYS grows back – I knew it was the most radical decision to donate to children suffering from medical hair loss.  This was my third time donating my hair.  And it felt amazing!

Eleanor Roosevelt said “Do one thing every day that scares you”.  Well, its scared me, and to be honest, it still does, when I look in the mirror in the mornings.  Questions surface, “do I look like a boy?”, “should I not have done it?”, “do I really need to wear earrings now?”, “do I need a more feminine look?”…

However, I check my ego and remind myself why I cut my hair – and I fall in love with my new look every time. 

And the space of service  is one that makes me feel beautiful.




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10 responses to “Adventure: Locks of Love

  1. My frizzy curls and I are uber jealous of your perfect hair. You totally own that short ‘do and kudos to you for chopping it all off in the name of love. ❤

  2. seriously inspirational! and I’m sure you’ve heard it (many times) before, but you’re so gorgeous that you could shave your head and still look beautiful…and feminine. ❤

    thanks for sharing this.

  3. Beautiful writing. Beautiful message. Beautiful girl, inside and out. 🙂

  4. vitamin ceej

    you are so chic! i actually think i like the short hair a lot more than the long 🙂

  5. Anna Rainbolt

    Hi Jacki, my name is Anna Rainbolt. I met you in KC last summer when we were opening out store in Leawood! You have an amazing spirit about you!! I have been kicking around the idea of cutting my hair (i have pretty great hair, too) and once I saw this post, I knew…I am going to donate my hair to locks of love! SOoo.,…thank you…for inspiring me 🙂 . And….btw. you would look beautiful with NO hair. You SHINE with beauty!
    ROCK ON!

    • Anna, hey there!
      So great to hear from you and so cool about your hair!
      What a rad cause, some amazing child it going to get your beautiful hair.
      And honestly, any way you chop it, you will look absolutely AMAZING because damn, you will feel amazing!
      Shine on!

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