Live Your Verbs!

A strength:  something that makes you feel strong.

The question is, are you living your strengths?  Are you doing what lights YOU up every day?

My strengths are:  coaching, connecting, listening for passion and possibility, event planning, presenting, writing, enrolling, reading, learning, and activating.

How do I know?  Because any time I live in these actions, I vibrate on a different level of life.  These moments leave me invigorated, energized and absolutely juiced on life.  I stand in a space after coaching or connecting, after activating or learnings something new, while presenting and enrolling – and I feel that I am doing exactly what I should be doing at this moment for the World.   #lifelove

Thus, these action verbs most definitely LIGHT.  ME.  UP. 

 And when I take a look at this list, I want these verbs in my day-to-day, in my life’s work, and in my action plans.  Starting now. 

What action verbs light you up?   Write them down.

Get up to them.  Be in action.  Live your life. 

Rock your strengths!  Live your verbs!



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2 responses to “Live Your Verbs!

  1. mom

    writing down mine, right now!

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