Adventure: Smile until your Cheeks Hurt!

I was having one of those weeks, or as Gina put it…a HELLuva week!  Not that anything went wrong just super busy.

So, we called a GIRLS night with Margaritas and lululemon as the outfits of choice!  No heels in this group that night!

We got the chips and the salsa and swam right through a couple margaritas – ice and salt please!  We let go.  We shared. And we laughed so hard our cheeks hurt. 

And literally, it was just what I needed to roll me into the weekend!  An adventure that I didn’t even know was going to be one!

Go have a Ladies Night or a Boy Night adventure!  Make sure your cheeks hurt after!!


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One response to “Adventure: Smile until your Cheeks Hurt!

  1. this was the cherry on my sundae of a Friday. i just love you!

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